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Welcome to the Threshold Workshop! The site contains a collation of tutorials sourced from the X-Plane and Game development Community, formatted in an easy to read guide for developers.

Some tutorials and information are rewritten to simplify the language and make it easier to understand for beginners who wants to delve into the world of creation. Most of the tutorials and information here are visual based, ensuring minimal confusion.

A slight Website Design refresh.

Workshop now sits under our parent brand Threshold. Alongside holding all the Facebook Group you know and love, Workshop is an extension of XPDC and Threshold.

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Having a designer's block? Join the XPDC Facebook group!

Benefit from direct communication on the go with other developers for help and feedback. We also encourage developer confidentiality, all content within is not for the public eye. Any mention of a user spreading information out of the group will be immediately removed.


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