Dear Sir / Madam

With Reference to my discussions with you regarding my engagement with Career Factory as an "HR Trainee”, I have understood that my work responsibilities are as follows:-

(a) To Engage and Communicate with Candidates

(b) To Promptly Respond to Calls, Messages, E-Mails

(c) To Collect and Record all Important Information

(d) To Escalate Candidates’ Issues to Seniors

(e) To Resolve Candidates' Doubts, Queries, Concerns

(f) To Arrange Candidates' Con Calls with Senior's

(g) To Explain Commercials & Processes

(h) To Schedule and Coordinate Meetings

(i) To Promptly Respond to E-mails + Messages

(j) To Give Quick Feedbacks to Candidates & Seniors

(k) To Execute other tasks as per directives of Seniors

(l) To Take Candidate's Q&A & Resolve their Doubts

(m) To Update Trackers and Reports

That I have a Silent Work Environment at home to work without interruptions

That I shall Promptly and Diligently respond to the above mentioned Job Responsibilities and keep Confidential all information which is shared with me during the course of my Engagement.

Please find my CV attached for your record and do the needful.

My Name:

My Phone Number:

My E-Mail ID:

Thanks & Regards,