Xuejing Yuan

Insititute of Information Engineering, CAS yuanxuejing@iie.ac.cn

My research includes artificial intelligence and IoT security.


09/2016~Now University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral student in Cyber Security

09/2011~03/2014 Beihang University, master in Electronic Science and Technology

09/2007~06/2011 Information Engineering University, bachelor in Communication Engineering


1. Yuxuan Chen, Xuejing Yuan *(co-first author), Jiangshan Zhang, Yue Zhao, Shengzhi Zhang, Kai Chen, XiaoFeng Wang, Devil's Whisper: A General Approach for Physical Adversarial Attacks against Commercial Black-box Speech Recognition Devices[C], USENIX Security, 2020.

2. Xuejing Yuan, Yuxuan Chen, Yue Zhao, Yunhui Long, Xiaokang Liu, Kai Chen, Shengzhi Zhang, Heqing Huang, Xiaofeng Wang, Carl A. Gunter. CommanderSong: A Systematic Approach for Practical Adversarial Voice Recognition[C], USENIX Security, 2018 [PDF][Samples]

3. Xuejing Yuan *(co-first author), Yuxuan Chen, Aohui Wang, Kai Chen, Shengzhi Zhang, Heqing Huang, Ian M. Molloy, All Your Alexa Are Belong to Us: Remote Voice Control Attack against Echo[C], IEEE GLOBECOM, 2018.

4. Hua Tang, Xuejing Yuan. Optimization of multilayer radial beam array in weak turbulent atmosphere[J]. Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, 2014, 125(18): 5066-5068.

5. Hua Tang, Xuejing Yuan, Baoqiang Wang. Scintillation optimization of linear Gaussian beam array propagating through weak turbulence[J]. Journal of Modern Optics, 2013, 60(20): 1830-1837.