Xuejing Yuan

Insititute of Information Engineering, CAS yuanxuejing@iie.ac.cn

My research includes artificial intelligence and IoT security.


09/2016~Now University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral student in Cyber Security

09/2011~03/2014 Beihang University, master in Electronic Science and Technology

09/2007~06/2011 Information Engineering University, bachelor in Communication Engineering


1. Xuejing Yuan, Yuxuan Chen, Yue Zhao, Yunhui Long, Xiaokang Liu, Kai Chen, Shengzhi Zhang, Heqing Huang, Xiaofeng Wang, Carl A. Gunter. CommanderSong: A Systematic Approach for Practical Adversarial Voice Recognition[C]. USENIX Security, 2018 [PDF][Samples]

2. Xuejing Yuan, Yuxuan Chen, Aohui Wang, Kai Chen, Shengzhi Zhang, Heqing Huang, Ian M. Molloy. All Your Alexa Are Belong to Us: Remote Voice Control Attack against Echo[C]. IEEE GLOBECOM, 2018, (Accepted)

3. Hua Tang, Xuejing Yuan. Optimization of multilayer radial beam array in weak turbulent atmosphere[J]. Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, 2014, 125(18): 5066-5068.

4. Hua Tang, Xuejing Yuan, Baoqiang Wang. Scintillation optimization of linear Gaussian beam array propagating through weak turbulence[J]. Journal of Modern Optics, 2013, 60(20): 1830-1837.