Other Games

Here are a bunch of games I worked on that are extremely old (~2012). Most of them were the result of me learning about game development.


This is an endless sandbox game with more bouncing circles, squares, portals, players, and artificially intelligent people that walk around and get hurt. Nothing special really.

Controls: Kind of explained in the game.


A few months after making Physics Box 0.9, I gave the sandbox game industry another try. I made a second sandbox game. This time with real physics. Very buggy, and very incomplete.

Controls: WASD (Movement), Numkeys (Items), Left Click (Place item), F1 (Help)


My first zombie game. Probably my last too. It's very simplistic and never changes in difficulty (unless you're a terrible gamer).

First of my games to have some kind of cool special effect during gameplay.

Controls: WASD (Movement), Mouse (Aim), Left Click (Shoot), R (Reload)


I'm not exactly sure how I managed to pull this one off. This is my first multiplayer game. No that doesn't mean a keyboard being harassed by multiple cheetos-covered hands. This means you can play the game between multiple computers. You need an internet connection of course. And your stubborn firewall/antivirus may need to be turned off (maybe, i dont know)

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD? (Movement), F1 (Help)

Good luck with this one. I don't know how the whole internet multiplayer thing even works.


I know I made this when I came back from Las Vegas. There was an arcade game called super stacker (or something like that). You just stack the blocks on top of each other and see how high you can go. The game was rigged, by the way. Big surprise.

Controls: SPACE (drop a block)

Tip: press SPACE really fast to keep dropping blocks and get really high.... You'll figure it out...


I was inspired to start this when I played a demo of Braid. This game is a platformer, where you can reverse time and retrace your steps. I had great ideas for this, but almost immediately lost interest. Have fun with the one and only level in this game.

Controls: Arrow Keys (Movement), Space (reverse time), Up/Down while holding Space (speed up/slow down the time reversal)