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Testing a product with the breadth and depth as well as the mix of technologies of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is notoriously complex requiring a mix of technical and functional skills, from code reviews to data quality and acceptance testing. However, in line with our motto "make it simple" we have the tools and experience to help you build and execute a systematic and comprehensive testing strategy aligned with your quality bar.

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Testing Services

While the importance of systematically and comprehensively testing is well known, in practice the experience and effort required to test Microsoft Dynamics 365 discourages most organizations from more than simplistic ritual manual testing. At Xavier we leverage our extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and test automation to make it simple and cost-effective to give you world class testing.

We work together with your business to determine your quality bar and a test strategy to support it, and then work with the rest of your implementation team to ensure compliance with your quality standards. Some of the highlights of how we can help you are:

    • Help your management team articulate a quality assurance strategy.
    • Help educate your implementation team about quality assurance and in particular in testing.
    • Help your management team enforce your quality assurance strategy.
    • Help your team with automating your testing, and resourcing test areas that require manual testing.

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