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X10power FAQ

  • How did the name x10power came about?
      • The name x10power came out of a mistake back when Mega Man 10 was announced. I was so excited I basically said "I'm so excited for Mega Man x10". The Power section came from a inside joke of that was going to be my original name instead of Nick (Luckly my mom saved me from that mistake of my dad's) cause x10Nick just doesn't sound as cool. Another reason I went with x10power I was going to have 3 twitch channels x10power, x10wisdom, x10courage (Also yes I still have the other 2 accounts just in case) for a Zelda reference!
  • What games do you normally stream?
      • I stream mostly RPGs from Dragon Quest Series, Final Fantasy Series, Persona Series, Lunar Series, Breath of Fire, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, YS, Tales of Series. I also like to stream simulations like Rimworld, Cities: Skylines, Platformers ranging from Mario to Sonic, to just about anything! I also love survival / Build games like Minecraft, Ark, Rust, Don't Starve and of course Terraria. When it comes to rougelites I personally am addicted to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth / Afterbirth+ , Organ Trail. I'm not the biggest into shooters anymore but on occasion I might stream a shooter here and there.
  • How old are you?
      • As of writing this FAQ on 2/21/17 I am 26 years old.
  • Help I been ban how do I go about getting unban?
      • Just send me a twitch message (not a whisper please) and just politely to ask to be un-banned.
  • Hey I would like to suggest a game how should I go about?
      • There are a couple of ways you can suggest games! One (Also requires me to remember) is to mention it in my chat while I am streaming, I will personally look into each game suggested (as long I can remember the name of it from chat)
      • Other way You create a forum account at http://www.mylzh.net and post in my streamer hub forum!