2019 Statewide Training

This page contains information that was presented at the 2019 statewide mosquito training

Below are several videos that demonstrate setting and retrieving adult mosquito traps

Watch Keith Wardlaw demonstrate setting a CDC light trap.

Watch Keith Wardlaw demonstrate setting a New Jersey light trap.

Watch Keith Wardlaw demonstrate retrieving a CDC light trap.

Watch Keith Wardlaw demonstrate retrieving a New Jersey light trap.

The following information is intended to help you create a digital form to collect and store mosquito data

The example below is for recording adult mosquito data, but can be tailored to any data you might need. If you need to see a larger version of the images below, right click on the image and select "open image in new tab."

Creating a google form for data collection

1. To start the process you will need a gmail account. This is free to signup for and will give you access to "Google Drive" which is a free cloud storage service.

2. Once you have an account, search for "forms" via google.

3. You can now create a new form by clicking the multicolored plus sign in the upper left hand side of your screen as seen on the left.

4. You should now see a page similar to that on the left. Using the small plus sign on the center right portion of the screen, you can add as many questions as you like. You can choose the type of question, such as multiple choice, short answer or dropdowns to fit the data you are collecting.

5. After you have created your questions you can click on "RESPONSES" at the top of your form. This is where you will create the spreadsheet that stores all of your data. It is best to finish creating your form before you make the spreadsheet to avoid any errors.

On the responses page, you can click the small green icon in the upper right.

Here is a slightly enlarged view of the green icon that will create your spreadsheet.

Now you should see your spreadsheet when you go back to your Google Drive. You can share the link to your form with anyone that might need to submit data or you can just use it yourself.