Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra is the top-tier orchestral ensemble at Whitney Young

Beyond simply developing technique and skill, the curriculum is focused on building independent musicianship and leadership. Principal players in each section run rehearsals, develop bowings and fingerings, and work together to support the Esprit du corps of the ensemble. Chamber music plays heavily into the curriculum and skills learned through small ensemble performance are applied to the large ensemble environment: listening, watching, collaborative interpretation and mindful performance are primary goals, and the group often performs without a conductor.

The string players of the Chamber Orchestra combine with winds and percussion from the Wind Ensemble to form the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Chamber Camp

At the beginning of each year, the students in the Chamber Orchestra participate in a three-day Chamber Music camp where, in addition to preparing chamber music for a concert in October, they engage in team-building and leadership training activities.


Most years, the Chamber Orchestra travels. Sometimes the trip is to a small, Midwestern city like St. Louis or Indianapolis, and sometimes we travel further away, like New York (where we played at Carnegie Hall), and San Antonio, TX.