A Seed Group of the Order
of Bards, Ovates & Druids

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

᚛ᚒᚔᚉᚋᚓᚏᚓ ᚌᚏᚑᚃᚓ᚜

About Us

Wychmere Grove is a modern Druidic community affiliated with the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD). Our name, wychmere, means “salt pond” or “salt marsh” and refers to these features that characterize the landscape in which we live.

Wychmere Grove is still in its formative stages, but we aim to meet twice per month on the first and third Saturdays to conduct seasonal ceremonies that inspire reverence for nature and the pursuit of wisdom based on pre-Christian worldviews and mythologies, and to provide other related activities and events to our members.

Modern Druidry is commonly embedded within the context of Celtic/Gaelic mythology and lore. While this tradition serves as a foundation for some of our practices, we aim to adapt our ceremonies and language to reflect the heritage and natural cycles of our own region, while remaining true to the spirit of modern Druidry and its focus on attunement with and celebration of the natural world that sustains us.


The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids works with Druidry as a spiritual lifeway and practice that speaks to three of our greatest yearnings: to be fully creative in our lives, to commune deeply with the natural world, and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom. In OBOD, Bardic teachings help to nurture the singer, artist, or storyteller within us; Ovate teachings help to foster the shaman, the nature mystic, and the healer within us; while Druid teachings develop our inner wisdom and sense of purpose.

Modern Druidry appeals to people who have become disenchanted with much of conventional religious practice, and who are seeking a sense of spiritual connection with the Land and with their ancestral heritage. The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids has a community of thousands of people all over the world working with Druidry towards this end, using a unique experiential learning system and annual ritual cycle that increase our sense of belonging to the world around us.