Scott is a seasoned project management professional and covert wordsmith with thirty-five years of industry expertise spanning aerospace, passenger rail, utilities, and more.  Outside the conference room, Scott dons the cloak of a ghostwriter, anonymously crafting tales that traverse the realms of sci-fi.  A master of the written word, Scott recently moved from fiction to non-fiction, publishing a series of Information Technology titles under their own name for the first time.

In the literary shadows, Scott weaves narratives with a hint of mystery and humor, offering readers a glimpse into the unknown.  In the business world, Scott navigates the complexities of worldwide systems deployments.  With experience across several industries and multiple literary works under various pen names, Scott is a unique blend of experience, expertise, and literary finesse, tackling conventional business challenges in the office while exploring fantasy worlds full of adventure and mysteries within your imagination.


The Phantom Universe brings together a rainbow of characters who defend humanity from unseen parasitic constructs created for the sole purpose of compelling humankind to destroy itself.  Each title in this series represents a single day, showcasing multiple characters’ perspectives and the seemingly insignificant events that weave their lives into an intricate tapestry of The Phantom War. 


Information Technology On The Rocks is a refreshing series of books that blends the precision of information technology with the artistry of mixology. Sip your way through the fascinating world of IT with these carefully crafted volumes, where each book is a unique cocktail that captures the essence of Information Technology management.