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How to play?a new card game on kickstarter!

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A TCG card game@rnewelf  for more than 2 players. 

Facing the crisis of human environment. The heroes accept the task of mother earth to regenerate new natural elves and restore the ecosystem. You will fight for the new earth with your reborn monsters! @community new elf phoenix reborn.

With only one goal: to become the top resurrected elf mage. 

In order to win, the player must capture and destroy the opponent's Sprite cards each turn,

 reducing their total health to zero.

             Provide a variety of item cards, add a variety of spell skills to improve tactical health, you can also call your team Allies

                                                                                      turn a bad situation into a victory.

2024 Rnewelf Tcg

Respawn Elven Mage Advance Battle

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Product Introduction


You will get

1. More than 100 exclusive elf characters

2. Each box contains more than 4 categories plus supplement packs of 110 cards

3. Hundreds of + swap card combinations

4. The first generation of 7 cute elf warriors who unlock energy gates

5. Truly have over 10 years of design experience with internationally renowned artists

6. Get free background poetry respawn proof for every Elven warrior

7. A lot of game accessories

8. Amazing affordable price range

9. Miss out on waiting another 30 years to become an early supporter of the strong market for "China's Pokemon" fantasy series

Uncover the mystery of the death and rebirth ofelves,Reborn Monster is a "Reborn Nature Magic Elf"strategy battle collection tcg card game" set against thebackdrop of a natural extinction story

You will become the guardian of nature capture andresurrect hundreds of nature's guardian elves!

       PR NEWS   has hundreds of news outlets reporting that                               Rnewelf card game 

Let's take a look at the media reports.

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 "Treasure Board Reborn Elf" is a powerful fantasy elf exploration TCG collectible card game.

Rnewelf Reborn Monster

Different from the Japanese Pokemon receiving spirit trainer, the Chinese Pokemon advocates releasing the rebirth natural spirit to become the resurrection master.

Lifting the true Doomsday seal inspires the "rebirth" power confidence and heroism of the Mother Superpowered elves in human and Earth balance. With 15 years of experience in the artist's original team of hand-drawn design and animation short video lets you better understand the story of reborn elves to save extinct animals and plants and how to wake up belongs to your fairy baby.

Unique style

We are unicorns

Capture your 7 rnewelf Territory decks

Attack: Defense

Advanced mage to upgrade

Value-added collection tcg

Millions of Dream fan bloggers recommend the next potential Pokemon trading card game - rnewelf Generation 1: Respawn Elf Mage Advanced Battle

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We decided to ask fans for funding through Kickstarter,This is not only the fastest way to bring you the "Reborn Elf Series" at present, but also the best way to ensure the normal production and operation of the project to produce more landed character images.

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Why choose kickstarter

In the future, if the project is successful, we will also launch related and more perfect cartoons, elf illustrations (books), family board games and handheld games, etc.

However, first of all, we need a lot of start-up funds in the early stage of production.

     Making a high-quality game set and character promotional short film in post isn't cheap, and it's a lot harder than most of us imagine.

As you can see with all the projects we are very different in that we are a real elf themed game and toy about creature conservation environmental protection and relationship flora and fauna, we are not a big consortium, our founders are real artists, Overcoming difficulties as a female entrepreneur.

Learn about our business story,We hope that our generation and the next generation of children around the world will truly realize the importance of protecting the environment, animals and plants,And not just traditional promos. We also did not adopt an addictive fighting and violent game mode, but a free combination of exploration, collection, decryption, art appreciation, etc., which is more conducive to the healthy and happy collection and exchange game mode of players and fans, and inspires heroes. Creativity and imagination, positive faith, raising the awareness of equality and respect for the spiritual consciousness of all things on earth.


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The best rebirth wizard card game in 2024!

The most realistic apocalyptic environmental crisis and

The Wealthiest exclusive superpower ELF role

The most versatile TCG collection card

Become the master of the resurrection of the Reborn Academy

Your will open the seven energy doors

Release death disappear super spirit rebirth spirit,

Help Mother Earth recover

Naturab Forces and regeneration cosystem

Unlock the charm of different elements and fight for nature.

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More than 10 sets to choose from individual or dealer to meet different needs

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Previous generations in particular have appreciated in value

The first generation of high wealth collection value and rising space

Miss another 30 years!

You may only work on a really good project once in your life

Reborn Monster campaign set is the first generation. As the greatest of all time

One of TCG's products, a real unicorn despite a large collection of trading cards ,is deeply attracted by the game's ancient strategic depth and clever epic elf art and the elf world aesthetics composed of different elements of the map architecture.

Learn the creation process from destruction to rebirth from the Rebirth Academy Card and verify how the missions and abilities of the different elements of the identity card survive and destroy each other. Increases and reduces damage maintains balance regularity

 and growthIntegrate four industries4 years of accumulation of up to 10 years of artistic achievement experience

Bring the epic subversion of cognitive ELF fantasy world class games

 As one of the world's largest palaces for genie development 

The company will launch its first generation of products from 1 to 30.and launch its first generation of card games on kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform

Different from the Japanese Pokemon receiving fairy trainers, 《Rnewelf》reborn monster advocates releasing reborn natural fairies to become resurrection mages to fight for the joint protection of the earth's natural survival

Give you a high five! You will be remembered in history as a precious pioneer supporter, (we hope you can participate in our cooperative promotion) after the launch you as our original distributor will enjoy great business opportunities to provide our brand series product database to help you

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Once you learn the ancient laws of nature through our card games. There is no joy in the abundance and creativity of sharing with your reborn monster baby.

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