He was born March 14th 1976 in Rauma (found 1442), Finland. As he was a child, his family had an old German upright piano standing as a furniture in living room. He recalls how great it was to play the keys and create all kinds of chords with it. He believes he was around four then. That tells something about his way of composing; he likes just improvise with keyboards to get the idea of a composition.

Later he started to learn guitar playing by himself, though he was given an opportunity to get guitar lessons when he was eight - At the time when his interests were in football. After that, he continued with keyboard and music theory lessons at the local music school as a private student. At that period of time he also played in a school band with his friends. That period gave him an experience on band playing, and playing for a live audience at his school. Those were the times of his younghood.


His musical style has evolved during the years. In the beginning, he got his musical inspiration and motivation to do his own music from various artists and groups in electronic and more artistic rock music genres.

He wrote his first music lyrics at very young age and composed the music for them as well. After all, the main interest to do instrumental music with keyboards was more in to his liking. What comes to the sound of his music; There might be some underconscious habit to make some things to sound like there is a rock band playing, mainly in rhythmical area. Chordal structures with strong melodies are his passion too. In fact, when he studied music at teen age, the understanding of chords was very important to him. He understood very early that:

”The whole world of doing great chord progressions along with unforgettable melodies is the only way to do best music in the world."


He got married in 2004. They have five sons; The first one was born in December 2005 and his identical twin brothers in April 2008. Their fourth son was born in August 2013. Fifth son's birthday is in July (2015).



He is 87,3 percent north and west european, 10,4 percent east european and 2,3 percent asian.

According to modern worldwide ancestral information sources, his DNA genetics and written history leads him to the ancient city of Troy in area what is now Turkey, located opposite of Greece. Ancient city of Troy was positioned near the shoreline of Aegian Sea.


Frithuwald Trojan, the king of Sweden (b. 190) was his forefather 63 generations ago. Legendary Woden Odin (b. 215) was Frithuwald's son. Woden Odin is well known as one of Viking gods.


His ancestors came to Finland from north and east Europe during 10th century. There are some interesting persons in his forefathers and mothers then; king of Norway, Hakon Eriksson (b. 992). Hakon Eriksson leads to the well known series of Swedish kings after jarl and templar knight Jedvard Thordsson Bonde (b. 1070). Bonde’s son; king of Sweden and the first king of Finland, Erik IX Jedvardsson Bonde (Saint Erik, pictured below) among the others from the family of Bonde. Erik IX was his forefather 29 generations ago. Erik IX was born in year 1120 according to sources.

The king of Sweden, Karl VIII Knutsson Bonde (b. 1409) was his forefather nineteen generations ago. His daughter Karin Bonde (b. 1441) married the commander of Viipuri castle, Erengisle Björnsson Djäkn (b. 1439). Later, their daughter Märta married with Johan Fleming. In 15th century, a man with german background by his father's side, Didrich Pedersson van Aken (more below) married with Malin Eriksdotter Stjärnkors, who's mother was one of Flemings. At this point, the family of Didrich Pedersson van Aken was settled down in the young village of Kurkela (Kurchela), which is one of several villages in Ikaalinen town beside the lake Kyrösjärvi.

Pietari Särkilahti (b. 1480) was Mattila's forefather fifteen generations ago. He was Micael Agricola's teacher, so it is quite right to say that Särkilahti was finnish language's grandfather. Särkilahti is related to the family of Stjärnkors too.

Klaus Eerikinpoika Fleming (b. 1535), who was the commander of Finland in 15th century, and was in loyal relationship with Sigismund, the king of Sweden, was Mattila's uncle fourteen generations ago.

When the Duke of Finland, Karl Gustavsson Vasa (Gustav Eriksson Vasa's son) succeeded to siege the Castle of Turku in year 1597, finnish national history knows, that Mattila's forefather thirteen generations ago, Didrich Pedersson van Aken (b. 1560), was defending it as a horseman who was then employed as recruiter of men to the army, that was under local control of Klaus Eerikinpoika Fleming and higher commandment of Sigismund, the king of Sweden. Karl Gustavsson Vasa was major opponent for Klaus Eerikinpoika Fleming in the fight of authority in Finland at the time, when ”Nuijasota”, the rebel of the farmers in Ostrobothnia was current. Klaus Eerikinpoika Fleming won the rebellions, but natural death faced him on the journey to Castle of Turku at the village of Pohja in April 13th 1597.

Didrich Pedersson van Aken’s father, Peder van Aken (b. 1520) moved from the Germany (Aachen) to Finland (Turku) in the beginning of 15th century, and was the first immigrant mayor accepted there. Didrich Pederson van Aken was lately active with military career and was the founder person of what later became the manor of Mattila's farm.

The long history of Finland and it's legends lives on today around the land, and also where Mattila lives with his family now; in Ikaalinen, south-west of Finland.

... Even after five hundred years and more.

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