Kindle.com/support is a platform designed for technical issues related to all Kindle devices. Millions of people around the world have joined Kindle that motivates the Amazon Kindle team to serve best to their readers. Kindle Support team welcomes all their users to resolve and fix issues related to their Kindle device at online help desk for Kindle troubleshooting. Kindle works best with one time registration and all required updates. But we can’t deny that it is a device and may encounter some kind of working issues that will affect its performance so for this Kindle has introduced kindle.com/support. Immediately join their help desk online or dial Kindle Customer Support contact number for quick solutions. Also, below we have resolved some of the commonly encountered issues for your immediate help.

About Kindle

Kindle was developed by Amazon in 2007 as the only e-reader for all book lovers. Since then, Kindle by Amazon has passed through many improvisions and introduced with the better versions with time such as Kindle Paper White, Kindle Voyage & Kindle Oasis. It is perfect gift or perfect device for all those people who wish have their own library, as it allows you to download upto 1400+ books in your very own Kindle device. You can carry your whole e-library with you while travelling, thanks to Kindle!!

How To Reset Kindle Password?

One of the very commonly faced issue is “forgot password”. Don’t get panic of you have some valuable stuff in your kindle device and you forgot kindle password. Here is the step by step guide to recover forgotten kindle password with the help of Kindle Amazon Account.

  • Visit Amazon Website and click on Sign In option.

  • In the next window, locate “Need Help” option, click on that.

  • Now you will see “Forgot Password” option. You need to click on it in order to recover Kindle Password.

  • For password assistance, enter the registered email id or phone number to continue.

  • Show authenticity of your ownership by entering the OTP received on your registered ID or phone number. Now press continue.

  • Now on the next screen, you will be asked to create new password. Make sure this time you write or save this password.

Kindle is not connecting to Wi-Fi

Below is the list of reasons why kindle is not connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Make sure that Airplane Mode is switch off, if its activated then turn Wi-Fi on by going to settings.

  • Reboot Kindle Device

  • Check the Kindle Device Charging

  • Now reset your Kindle to Factory Setting

How to fix issue of Kindle is not getting charged?

Switch off your Kindle Device and plug charged for few hours.

Test your kindle charger by charging another kindle device to make sure that charger is correct.

If charging indication light doesn’t not glows then try push the cable further.

If the charging port is lose them ask for replacement at kindle.com/support.

Always use original charging cable that you get with kindle.

Resolve Black Screen issue on Amazon Kindle

  • Press and hold Power button until power dialog box appears on the screen.

  • Let it remain switch off for some 40-50 seconds.

  • Now switch on your Kindle Device and check if it works well.

  • If still you encounter same issue occurs then visit kindle.com/support to reach Amazon Kindle Customer Support.

How to Contact Kindle Support Team?

The best possible way to get in touch with Kindle customer support is to visit their official website i.e. www.kindle.com/support

Select fire tablet and phone option.

Now choose your Kindle model.

All solutions related to Kindle device are written over there, if this could help.

Else, choose whether you want to chat or call to Amazon Kindle Support Team.

Common Errors You May Encounter With Amazon Kindle

  • Kindle Registration Errors

  • Kindle Functionality Errors

  • Kindle Update Errors

  • Kindle App or PC Setup