- Activate Hulu - Easy Steps To Watch Hulu

Hulu is one of the most popular channels which allows the user to access entertainment channels online. The subscriber will have unlimited access to the entire Hulu library with no restrictions on timings. The subscriber can watch live sports, news, web series, TV channels and do a lot more. Once you Activate Hulu, you can start enjoying the channels from that very moment.

The cost of a subscription to access the entire Hulu library is just 44.99$ per month. This subscription pack allows the subscriber to watch on 2 screen sharing basis. However, just by paying 9.99$ extra the subscriber can access this on any number of screens.

Additionally, Hulu live TV streaming provides DVR storage where you can store your favorite videos for up to 200 hours. However, you can have a glimpse of the entire premium version in free trial mode with the Hulu activation code and can enjoy excellent streaming quality with unlimited DVR space. You can access content ON demand on 1080p HD quality anytime.

Hulu TV is supported on almost all devices i.e. Android phones, tablets, fire tablets, fire TV sticks, Apple TV (4th generation or later) Chromecast and many more. One point here that is worth noting is that local channels may not be a part of this Hulu streaming; however, all the premium channels are available here. The activation link to this is So just perform Hulu activate now and enjoy its awesome features.

How to Setup a Hulu account:

Setting up a Hulu account is the first step towards accessing a hassle-free world of entertainment. For setting up you need to sign up. There is a Hulu sign up page which is accessible via Just fill in the simple details about yourself and your account is ready.

How to customize the settings of your Hulu account:

You can use these details to log in to your account every time you need to access your favorite movies, shows, sports or any other channel of your choice. If you wish to change any settings in your account in the future you can use the URL

Activating Hulu account:

Now that you have created an account, you need to activate your account in order to enjoy all the features of the Hulu TV. To do so you need to visit the URL Please note that activate process is necessary otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the awesome entertainment experience.

Where to find code:

Whenever you add a device to your account, you need to enter an activation code. By entering this code you can activate your new device on the same account and can manage accounts over new devices. The Hulu/Activate code is a five-digit alphanumeric code. To perform activate the process, simply select “activate a computer” on your Hulu TV app and you will find Hulu login/activate code. Once you input this activation code in the specified place your device will be activated. To get this activation code you just need to Hulu TV app and you will get a unique Hulu activation code.

So you can see Hulu com/activate is a simple process and can be done hassle-free. If after this if you are stuck where and need expert guidance support (though this will rarely be a case), you can get in touch with experts on our toll-free number anytime.

Issues with Hulu and their troubleshooting steps

Issues with Hulu are rare, mostly the issues that users have reported are due to mishandling or lack of knowledge. As we proceed further we will be throwing light on issues that users have reported and basic troubleshooting steps to get them rectified. Just go ahead with the steps and 9 out of 10 times your issues will get rectified then and there only.

To ease out the things Hulu has divided the issues and named them as Hulu error codes. Each error code has a different way of troubleshooting. Just have a look into the same and figure out the category into which you fall.

Simple Troubleshooting Steps

Below mentioned are the steps which general user can take to get rid of any small issues which the user may face while you are using this service.

  • The easiest and the most common way to get rid of any issue is to restart the streaming device.

  • Test your internet speed; this is yet another reason that can stop you from accessing the services.

  • Plug out your streaming device for some time and then plugin again.

  • Try hands with a wired internet connection rather than a wireless connection as there are speed fluctuation issues.

  • Update your device to get the latest software version.

  • Log out from your Hulu account and try logging in again.

Hulu HDCP Error :

HDPC is an abbreviation to High bandwidth Digital Content Projection. When Hulu HDCP error occurs then an error message will be displayed “Your HDMI connection doesn’t support HDCP” followe3d by the message “This content require HDCP for playback”

How to fix Hulu HDCP error:

To resolve this issue you need to remove your HDMI cable from your TV and your streaming device. Then turn off all the devices and unplug them from power sources. Reconnect them one by one and try using it again. Mostly the problem will be solved.

At times there may be issues with HDMI cable or the device. Try changing your HDMI cable. If again the same is not working then try switching the port or HDMI cable.

Error Code BYA-403-007 and Hulu Outages

There may arise a situation in which you are unable to play a video. This doesn’t always mean that there are some issues with your streaming device or your internet connection. At times there I will be issued with the server-side also. A-403-007 is an error that indicated issues with the Hulu server. Try to play another video if the same issue occurs that there may be a Hulu server outage.


This is yet another error code that users have encountered. Hulu error code 400 indicated that there may be some issues with the internet connection. You need to check your internet connection and if you are using it over mobile then try moving near the router/modem. Once you are sure that an internet connection is ok then try the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Uninstall the Hulu app from your mobile device.

  2. Download and reinstall the app again.

  3. Login to your Hulu account again

  4. Try to stream some channels.

Various Hulu error codes

Hulu Error code 5003

This error code signifies that there is some issue with your device or app. There will be a playback error here. Try the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps to see if you are able to enjoy the feature or else speak to an expert. They will help you through it.

Hulu Error codes 3322, 3321, 3343, 3307, 0326, 3336,2203, and others.

All these error codes indicate that you are watching a protected content and your device is not supporting that. There is no other option here.

Hulu Error code 2203

This error code indicates that either your monitor connection is incorrect or there are multiple monitors connected. This also occurs when the computer goes into sleep mode or there may be an issue with the browser. Try changing your browser and bring your computer to active mode.

Invalid Region Messages and Hulu Error Code 16

Hulu streaming device is supported in the USA only. If you are trying to access the services from outside then you will get this message. At times people try to use proxy servers also, this may work sometimes but many times Hulu blocks that IP address and hence the user is not able to enjoy the services. There is no solution if you are outside of the USA but if you are using VPN then deactivate this and try streaming again.

These issues are very common and their possible troubleshooting steps. Generally, by following these steps you will get any kinds of issues rectified. However, to assist the users further, we have a dedicated team of experts. The user just needs to dial toll-free number +18335211504 to avail instant help anytime