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The Walt Disney Company in the year 2007 came with another entertainment subscription program that allows users to stream on-demand shows in a few taps of a button. Along with Hulu, there are two other major streaming services that come under the ownership of the same company, Disney+, and ESPN+. Combined together, these three services are enough to take care of your entertainment needs. As you may already know that these streaming services are the paid ones, therefore it is important to activate them using the activation code.

Since Hulu is not an exception here, thus you should acknowledge that it is important to activate Hulu at www.hulu.com/activate as well. Whether you choose a monthly package or a yearly package, there is no difference in the activation process.

Don’t know how the activation is done? Don’t worry! We’ll sail you through it safely.

What is www.hulu.com/activate?

All those users who have purchased a Hulu subscription for the very first time might not know how the activation process goes on. Moreover, they do not know about the activation link where they can redeem their subscriptions.

Well, this link www.hulu.com/activate, has been specifically made available for such users so that they do not find it difficult to activate their subscriptions and enjoy streaming high-quality videos, movies, and shows.

Now that we know enough about Hulu and the link to activate it, let us now move forward with our discussion and have a glance at the basic activation procedure.

Activate Hulu via www.hulu.com/activate

  1. In the search bar of your browser, enter www.hulu.com/activate

  2. When prompted, sign in to your Hulu account

  3. Or, create a new Hulu account, if you don’t have one

  4. Choose between the trial or the paid subscription package

  5. As prompted, enter your billing and payment details

  6. Then, you should set up your Hulu profile

  7. Now, tap on the “Manage account” option at the top

  8. Get the Hulu activation code from there

  9. Navigate to your device setup screen

  10. Enter your Hulu activation code and tap “Activate”

What is the Hulu activation code?

It doesn’t matter on which device you are going to stream your purchased Hulu subscription, it won’t work unless you activate it using the correct Hulu activation code. This code lets Hulu know that you have activated Hulu via valid means. The activation code is provided to the user when he purchases a paid subscription and this code can only be found in the linked Hulu account of the user. To locate this code, you simply need to log in to your account and go to the account management section where you will see the 6-digits code on your screen. If you do not have a Hulu account to link with your subscription, you can follow the steps given in the next section to create a new Hulu account.

How do you create a new Hulu account?

Here is how you can create an account on the Hulu platform so that you can further link your subscription to it:

  1. Open your browser and visit www.hulu.com/activate

  2. On the welcome screen, select “Start your free trial”

  3. Choose one of the plans that you want to use

  4. To sign up, enter your email address

  5. And then, choose a password for your account

  6. After that, fill in all the personal details requested in the form

  7. Choose the payment option and enter your billing details

  8. To complete the registration, click on “Submit”

Activating Hulu or Hulu + Live on a smart TV

If you want to activate your Hulu streaming package on your smart television, then you should follow a little different procedure for activating your subscription. The process goes like this:

  1. Power on your smart TV and open the Hulu app on it

  2. If your TV doesn’t have a Hulu app already, then you should download it

  3. Sign in to your Hulu account that you created earlier

  4. As soon as you log in, your screen will display an activation code

  5. Note down the code or copy it to your clipboard

  6. After this, go to www.hulu.com/activate from another device (Phone or PC)

  7. When asked, enter the Hulu Code from step 5

  8. Hit the “Activate” button and wait patiently

Your subscription will be activated within a few minutes after you have finished this procedure.

Hulu plans you can choose from

When you sign up on the Hulu portal, you are asked to opt for one of the subscription plans. The plan details for the same have been provided below. You can choose a suitable plan on www.hulu.com/activate based on your preferences:

  • Hulu- this is the basic and primary version of Hulu which is not ad-free. However, you do not have to compromise your streaming experience as you can browse through multiple shows from its library.

  • Hulu + No Ads- as the name indicates, this plan is an ad-free plan of Hulu so that you can get entertained without any interruptions.

  • Hulu + Live TV- this plan is best for those who wish to stream on-demand shows or live shows from different channels belonging to different genres.

Guide to avoid Hulu activation issues

On an off chance, you might come across activation errors while you try to activate your Hulu subscription via www.hulu.com/activate. Thus, you are recommended to follow the tips given below to avoid activation issues:

  • Check if you are visiting the correct activation page

  • Verify the Hulu activation code and feed it in the same manner as shown

  • If you are using a wireless connection, switch to a wired one or vice versa

  • You may also get the new activation code if you get any code related error

  • If everything else fails, uninstall and reinstall the Hulu application

The bottom line-

As you can see, we have tried to cover all the relevant topics that will let you stream your favorite shows without any interruptions. If you are unable to extract the activation code or find it difficult to start your 30-days free Hulu trial, then you may use another Hulu account to do so. Else, follow the easy guidelines that we have mentioned in this document.