Msn Hotmail sign in is a known email website and allow you to provide free access to your email account which called as Hotmail. So stop going another same website.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly leads you and how to reach correct Hotmail login page.

You can reach to Hotmail in many ways. Both you can use prefix or even not use it and only type, in both cases you are redirected to the same website, and it is called Microsoft email service Hotmail or Outlook or & features

When we see two option, we might be confused that which is the official website between these two? or

Google purchased the Hotmail in 1997, and after purchasing it, Microsoft has given new domain name and email service. As part of this process now Microsoft gives a new name to Hotmail which is popularly known as Outlook. And after that Outlook. Live account provides more features for Hotmail account. This new features included many things. Hotmail compares chart explain major features compare to other email services, which is given just below here.

In short, msn or both lead you to similar pages called as Live account sign-up or sign-in page. sign-in site

There are many fake sites available on the market so when you open, first check whether that site is official or not. To check the site, you have to check following things to confirm the originality of site:

  • Account recovery option.

  • Hotmail sign-up form.

  • Outlook logo.

  • Microsoft features.

  • Hotmail sign in and Hotmail login field.

  • Microsoft official privacy policy page.

If you find all of the above things, then you are at right page. Now operate your account with any trouble.

How to reach

Open Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Safari browser. In URL address bar type and press enter button or directly go to Hotmail from the following link:

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