Anal Hash Giving Special

Run 2022 On Sunday 18 November, 1400h

Joined Event With Amsterdam H3

Do Me Moore & Joe Dirt & Opee are the hares

Good to know - This is the Anal HashGiving event hosted by everyone's favorite Americans, Do Me Moore & Joe Dirt. In the spirit of the American Holiday - ThanksGiving - they invite you to a traditional ThanksGiving meal. There will be a walkers trail. But special this year - there will also be a live trail by Opee for thoroughbred racists.

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The Moore Dirt Residence

  • Hoornbruglaan 47, 2281AV Rijswijk

Good To Know

Hash cash is the regular €5. The on-after will be a turkey dinner. However, we can only guarantee food for the first 30 subscribers. No charge but please bring a bottle of wine so we don't run out of booze.

How To Get There

Friendly suggestion - Rent an OV-fiets for €3.85 and cycle. It is 4 km from the Hague Central Station which would take you about 15 minutes .

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