Contact HashCash And Find Out How Cheap She Is


Hash Cash wants your money (Euro only, no dollars, yen, lire or other). Send it to:

Hash House Harriers

the Hague, the Netherlands

IBAN = NL37 ABNA 0952992884


From within Europe (EU that is plus Norway and Zwitzerland and a few others), mark the 'share costs' field, then it is a very low cost transaction.

From outside the EU, you pay the transaction costs (consult your bank rules). Don't send a cheque, we always encounter problems with those here in Europe. Best to use Pay Pal then. Contact

What Does Hashing Cost Ye?

You pay €5 for a run or €40 for the winter or summer season (=half a year), this is excluding special events such as the Queens day run. But this does get you all the beers, sodas, potato chips, peanuts and fun you can handle. Kids (<12) run and drink along at no charge. Somewhere between (12 - 17) therefore pay something in between, €2.50

After closing the circle, we generally continue having fun at a pub, restaurant at your own expense. Or at some hashers place, who will charge a few € for food and drinks.

Never did a run with the Hash House Harriers before?

Then you are our guest. [In the old days we would ask: "Are you a virgin?" But thanks to #MeToo, we don't dare phrase it that way anymore.]

Anything else or more?

Contact and find out how cheap she is.


Hashers fully understand that they are solely responsible for their own foolish behaviour and any consequences arising from that (including but not limited to, financial, mental or physical problems). In no circumstances hashers shall hold organisers responsible for their own foolishness.

A frequently asked Question:

If I break a leg, feel confused or have a hangover next morning. What should I do, who should I sue?

Frequently given Answer:

Dunno, the hash does not accept any responsibility for things that go wrong. We do not have any insurance, it has no use to try and cash in. We will even deny our very existence. There would be no end to it, everything always goes wrong. We specialise in that.... sort of