Fiat Fertility

Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning

Saying YES to God's plan for human life

Fiat Fertility offers women of all ages and stages of life the ability to know their bodies, to be empowered, and to understand how God uniquely created them. By having this knowledge, women (and couples) can follow natural protocols with the intention to either avoid or achieve pregnancy without the use of drugs or hormones and live in a way that cooperates with God's plan.

The Marquette Method is a type of natural family planning (NFP). Couples can observe signs of fertility and track that information to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

What is different about Marquette from other methods? All other types of NFP require women to track fertility signs such as temperature and mucus. Marquette Method is able to objectively determine a woman's fertile cycle using a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor to detect hormones. This is especially helpful during times when mucus and temperature are more difficult to determine such as breastfeeding or phases of menopause.

What does Fiat Fertility Offer?

  • $100 - Private, individualized session with an introduction to the Marquette Method, individualized plans & consultation to achieve the goals of each couple. This package includes unlimited follow up for 1 year

  • $50 - Group classes with 3 or more couples, includes the basics of Marquette NFP. This class is good for those who are in marriage preparation and trying to decide on a method.