Dividing The Estate

"Dividing the Estate" by Horton Foote

"Dividing the Estate" is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

October 26-28, 2017 and November 2-4, 2017

Days Inn Ballroom, Bay City, Texas

PAUL RODGERS (SON) - Paul's CAST debut was another Mary Dykes directed play – Arsenic and Old Lace. He enjoyed playing Officer Brophy so much that he has since played Curly McLain in Oklahoma!, and a twenty-something Albert Einstein in Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Both of those roles had him playing 2nd fiddle to his own hair! He also performed two duets and even danced in another number in Night on Broadway earlier this year. He's grateful to Mary for bringing him into the world of community theater. What a great creative outlet!

MORA KENNAMER (LUCILLE) - This is Mora’s first CAST performance. She writes, “I was a model 50 yrs ago. I LOVE Horton Foote, always thought I should not have been the dutiful daughter and should have run off to Broadway, like him. I also have a devilish sense of humor. “ The cast and crew agree with that last sentence.

CLARE COSTANTINI (STELLA GORDON) - Clare made her CAST debut in “Oklahoma” followed by “Tony and Tina's Wedding.” She is wife to Joseph, mother to four, stepmom to three and Grammy or affectionately, "G", to thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She loves to sing and belongs to the Holy Cross Choir and the Divine Mercy groups. Clare also combines her passion for horses with special needs individuals at Harmony Ranch in Van Vleck. Fun Fact: Originally from Maine, Clare has kissed the Blarney Stone a time or two!

MARTIESA SMITH (MILDRED) - this is "Mardiee’s" first time doing a production. She’s from Bay City, has 3 boys and 3 grandboys. She also has a BS in Psychology and Addiction Counseling and a BA in Psychology. Hmmm, Lewis needs to have a heart to heart with her.

CAITLIN HORDGE (CATHLEEN) - Caitlin’s productions include: Wizard of Oz, Grapes of Wrath, Hair Spray, Death of A Salesman, and A Taste of Theatre. 2013 Dance Captain for the BCHS production "Chicago.” Her first C.A.S.T production was "A Night On Broadway" where she danced to "I Know Where I've Been.” In the summer of 2017 Caitlin played Rose in "Fences." Aside from being passionate about theatre Caitlin found the script of "Dividing The Estate" both humorous and emotional and couldn't wait to once again join the stage with amazing people and bring her character "Cathleen" to life!

H. JAMES HORDGE (DOUG) – James’ productions include: "None At All", "Noises Off", "The Crucible", “Grapes of Wrath” and "Wizard of Oz" where James was played the Jamaican Version of the wizard. In the Summer of 2017 he played in "Fences.” Shortly after he found a particular liking to the role "Doug" in "Dividing the Estate" and was eager to audition for the part. James believes that through this production the community will get a glimpse of a modern family with common issues; love triangles, greed, jealousy, and sorrow that will make you laugh and may even make you cry.

DENNIS SMITH (LEWIS GORDON) - This production is important, not because it sounds cool saying, “I’m an Actor”, but more about being someone else, playing with your emotions, and actually knowing what it feels to follow your dream. Of past performances I found My Fair Lady’s – Alfred P. Doolittle’s “With A Little Bit of Luck”, to be unforgettably hilarious and it helped me realize “I could do it”! I’m an unconventional soul, those who really know me know this. I tend to look a bit deeper and explore ‘other’ ways of doing things, despite getting in trouble.

TAMMY RUSSELL (PAULINE) - You may have seen Tammy as the crazy nun Sister Albert Maria (Terry) in “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.” Being very shy as a kid, Tammy has been trying to break out of her shell. Acting with CAST keeps the creative side alive since her day job is an engineer at STP.

CARLA COX (MARY JO) - Being cast in a play is a life-long dream and especially a Horton Foote play. I was born and raised in Bay City, have lived in Minnesota and Louisiana and gladly came home to Bay City in the 90’s. I’m a retired nurse married to Lee Cox, mother and grandmother.

LIZZIE SCHNEIDER - (EMILY) Elizabeth Schneider is 23 years old and a proud mother of a 3 year old son. She's appeared in several CAST productions including Laurey in "Oklahoma" and Tina in "Tony N Tina's Wedding". She is ecstatic to be back with CAST for another wonderful season.

DIXIE FRASIER (SISSIE) - STP employee, and mom of 3, she loves writing and all things creative. She acted in plays throughout high school and college. Between dance classes, little league, and kissing bo-bo's, she has travelled with a competitive dance team, enjoyed martial arts through Tang Soo Do, and acted as makeup artist and official model mentor for the largest photography workshop company in Texas. She is always seeking to learn and experience new things, but says nothing has ever quite felt as much like home as curtains and lights and opening night jitters. She hopes Sissie is the first of many roles to come.

STEVEN REIS (BOB) - Steven has been on and off stage for the past 50 years - he hopes to get it right one of these days. Little-known factoid: he nearly went into the priesthood right out of high school (first-born son in a Catholic family and all that). Good thing for his 7 kids and soon-to-be 4 grandkids that he didn't. You can catch him as DA in the Matagorda County courtroom, leading praise music with his wife Donna, or riding his bicycle along the roads in Matagorda County.

RACHEL JOHNSON (IRENE RATLIFF) - Rachel Johnson, who plays the role of Irene Ratliff, is extremely proud to be joining the CAST performance of Diving the Estate. This will be the first time she’s been on stage since she sang in a preschool production of Humpty Dumpty, while Ms. Humphries played on the “Up Right Piano” and sang along with the kids! Rachel works at the Bay City Tribune doing the graphic design and layout. She is very happy to be back in her hometown, closer to her friends and family.


There are too many activities that take place in this play that hit too close to home. The words Bob utters around the dining room table are the same words I said to my father-in-law when he was trying to decide the next steps he would take after my mother-in-law passed away. Who would get mother’s broach was also a discussion my sister’s and I discussed after my mother passed. We received undivided property when my father-in-law died and have been trying to divide it among three inheritors . I think most people enjoying this production tonight will see a few similarities in their lives when life altering decisions were thrust upon them; what to do with their parent’s house, who gets mom’s wedding ring, or dad’s guns.

This cast shared similar stories during rehearsals. I am so proud to work with this amazing group. Our first timers have amazed me with their dedication and commitment. Our seasoned veterans have stepped up to impart their wisdom on how to learn lines, take a deep breath, and project. Many hard workers helped to put the set together and many more have worked behind the scenes on costumes, publicity, and various other endeavors. Thanks to all who made Dividing the Estate possible.

Oh yes, My father-in-law did divide his land before his demise. My sisters and I decided that we would keep the pin whole a use it for special occasions, and the undivided property went from three recipients to seven when additional deaths followed. It’s still undivided and that was 10 years ago.

Thanks for supporting CAST and allowing us to highlight the fantastic talent in Matagorda County.

Mary Dykes