Canon Printer Drivers

The Canon Printer Drivers, the famous brand has everything in it very outstanding. Starting from their cameras, to cinematography solutions to the scanner as well as printers – each single thing has its own specific productivity. Canon Printer Drivers is the most preferred choice of the users for printing the document. To set up your canon printer, you can visit the Canon Printer Drivers official link and download the appropriate printer drivers, manual and guide for your printing device.

How To Send A Fax Using The Canon Printer Drivers?

The steps to send fax using Canon printer drivers are listed below and you need to follow them:

  • Turn on your Canon Printer Drivers while you send or receive the fax.

  • Tap the Fax button and the standby fax screen displays.

  • Place the documents on the scanner platen or ADF.

  • Alter the scan contrast and the output resolution as needed.

  • Dial the recipient’s fax or telephone number on the printer using the touch keypad.

  • For color fax, press the Color button and for normal fax, press the Black button.

  • After the faxable document is scanned, press OK to send it and then place the next document.

Some Commonly Asked FAQs

Why Does The Canon Printer Drivers Go Offline?

  • Press the Windows and R keys together and type Control printers in the command window and then click the OK tab.

  • Right-click on your Canon Printer Drivers image and click See what’s printing in the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Printer tab in the next screen that displays and if there is a checkmark near the Use Printer Offline option, click on it.

  • This turns the printer online and the printer should function normally by now.

Why Won’t Canon Printer Scan?

  • If your Canon Printer Drivers is not connected to the same network to which your computer is connected to, then it cannot scan.

  • If you have downloaded the Canon Printer Drivers on your computer along with the printer driver, then try to scan using the tool directly.

  • Select the network version at the top of the tool without fail.

  • If you can scan successfully using the Utility tool, then turn off and turn on your computer and then turn off your Canon printer too.

  • Turn on the printer to check if you can scan from its control panel.

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