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In this article, we will tell how you can easily get AOL Mail Login. Launched in 1985, AOL Mail is a free of charge email service, provided by AOL. AOL Mail Login has become quite popular in recent times. A typical web-based email service, nowadays, is complex but AOL’s simplicity is what makes it more user-friendly. AOL.mail login is an easy process for people of all age groups.


  1. Click here to visit AOL mail login site

  2. Now you can see the ‘Sign In’ page of AOL mail.

  3. If you are a returning user, enter your username, email address or mobile number that you used while creating your AOL account. If you are a new user, click ‘Create an account'.

  4. Press the ‘Next’ button.

  5. Enter your password on the next page.

  6. Now, you can see your AOL home screen.

It is recommended that you complete the process with a stable internet connection. Also, do not share your AOL email login password with anyone as that might pose as a digital threat for you.


With the world going mobile, more users are coming online on their smartphones. As per a recent Internet survey, the use of desktop computers is expected to get limited by 2030. Mobile websites often offer concise information with their neat UI and speed. AOL website is of a similar sort that performs with swiftness and lucidity.

Also, AOL Mail Login on a mobile website is as simple as it is on a computer.

You just need to-

  1. Visit and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner.

  2. Click ‘Login/Join’.

  3. If you are a returning user, enter your username, email address or mobile number that you used while creating your AOL account. If you are a new user, click ‘Create an account'.

  4. Press the ‘Next’ button

  5. Enter your password on the next page and you’re in!

Signing in with Social Media accounts

Google+ has over 1.5 billion users while Yahoo! has recorded 225 million registrations using its services. With so many users coming from these two platforms, AOL com login provides an option to use AOL Mail Login with these two social media platforms. Initially, AOL Mail Login had the Facebook login available, however, you are restricted to Google and Yahoo for now.

For AOL Mail Login with your social media accounts:

  1. Go to the official AOL Mail Login website

  2. On the ‘Sign In’ page, go to ‘Or, continue with Google or Yahoo!’

  3. Click the one that you wish to use to login to AOL Mail Login.

  4. Enter your username, password, when prompted; and you are in!

Forgot Your Password?

Modern life presents modern issues like ‘n’ number of passwords. With too many digital accounts into play, there is a greater chance that you may not remember the passwords for your every account under the sun. Hence, there is a high probability that many users want to reset their AOL mail password.

In case you have forgotten the AOL Mail password, you can always use the recovery options available on AOL mail login site. AOL email login after the password recovery is as easy to log into as before and should not take more than a minute if you have a strong internet connection.


Additional Tips

AOL Mail Login is one of the fastest email services with the lowest loading time. However, the time and overall performance may get hindered if you are logging in with social accounts. These external accounts require an additional security step to be followed. A user has to login and enter the password via a new tab. If you are planning for AOL Mail Login via social accounts, such as Google or Yahoo!, then the following steps will boost AOL Mail

Login loading time and website speed-

  • Disable the popup blocker as it may not allow your browser to open another tab

  • Log-in into your social accounts before accessing

  • Clear your browser cache for a smooth experience

  • Hop on a stable internet connection for AOL com login


Yes! That’s it! AOL Mail login is as simple as it gets. With great layout and accessibility, this email service is ready to fascinate you. Whether you use AOL Mail Login on the computer website or the mobile version, the login process of login is clear and simple.

Still confused about the process? Save this article and give it a quick read next time you are logging in at AOL.