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Began with selling books through its website, today Amazon has become a leading cloud-computing giant and the largest American e-commerce company. The online shopping platform of Amazon offers everything ranging from clothes to lawn furniture and janitorial supplies. Apart from these, it also provides the users with digital content such as music and movies, etc. Its Amazon Prime Video is an exclusive subscription-based service. It enables the users to watch an end number of movies, TV shows, sports, along with the Amazon originals.

Amazon Prime Video comes with numerous benefits and features. You can download the videos and watch them later on offline mode. You can also follow your favorite actors and directors in order to receive notifications for the videos that are featuring them. In addition, you can buy all the newly-released movies and popular TV shows. Amazon allows you to watch your favorite movies on a variety of devices. You can play Amazon Prime Video on your smart TV or devices after registering it with www.amazon.com/mytv.

How to generate code and register the device on www.amazon.com/mytv?

All the users can easily verify their device with Amazon Prime Video using the procedure we have mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, you will have to turn the device on and install Amazon Prime on it.

  • For this, you need to go to the search section.

  • After this, search for ‘Prime Video.’

  • Then, the users have to select the “Add Channel” option to install Prime Video on their device.

  • Note: the users are suggested to wait until the application gets installed completely.

  • After this, you will be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account.

  • Therefore, you should click on the “Ok” button when the Sign In window opens on the screen.

  • Here, you need to select the “Sign in using our secure server” option.

  • In the next step, you will be taken to the official login page of Amazon.

  • Here, you are required to fill in the required information, i.e., your email ID and password.

  • After entering the details, you should tap on the “Sign in using our secure server” tab.

  • Now, the “Account Verification Required” window will pop-up on the screen.

  • Tap on the “Ok” button.

  • After this, the verification code of the device will appear on the next screen.

  • Note: you must save this registration code to register the device in the next steps.

  • Now, you should visit www.amazon.com/mytv on your PC or mobile device.

  • After this, you'll be redirected to the Amazon login window.

  • Here, you should provide your Amazon login Email address and click “Continue.”

  • After this, enter the password in the next window and hit the “Sign In” button.

  • Note: the users who have forgotten their Amazon Login password should click on the “forgot password” button and follow the subsequent on-screen instructions.

  • After successfully logging in to the account, you will be forwarded to the device registration page of www.amazon.com/mytv.

  • Now, you should enter the verification code in the given slot and hit the “Register Device” button.

  • You will see the “Success! Your device is registered” notification on the device.

Hence, by following the above steps, you can register your device at www.amazon.com/mytv and enjoy Prime Video.

Devices compatible with www.amazon.com/mytv

Here we have listed all the devices that support Amazon Prime Video:-

  • Firestick with Amazon Prime video app installed.

  • Android TV

  • Roku TV

  • Sony TV

  • Vizo TV

  • Xfinity

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox 360

  • Apple TV

  • Wii

  • PS4

  • Vizio

  • Blu ray players

www.amazon.com/mytv customer support

Amazon is known for its extensive range of excellent products and services. But along with this, it is also known for its forever helpful and well-experienced customer support team. If you face any issue during the usage of any of the Amazon products, you must visit their customer support page. There you can opt for “Start chatting now” and chat with the bot to fix any issues. Moreover, you can also choose “Need help over the phone? We can call you” to talk with their experts.

Amazon also offers a separate customer support page for Prime Video where you can get help to troubleshoot all the common issues with Prime Video. Whether it is about setting up Prime Video, canceling the Prime subscription, resolving playback issues, or about prime video titles, manage Prime video, live event troubleshooting, and any other issue, you will get a solution to every query.

This write-up includes the easy and straightforward steps through which you can register your smart device at www.amazon.com/mytv. After registering the device, you would be able to watch Prime Videos on your device. In addition to this, we have also given the list of the devices compatible with Amazon Prime Video. Also, we have also discussed Prime Video customer support, where you can get in touch with the technical experts of Amazon and resolve any issue or query in no time.