www.amazon.com/mytv - Steps to Create and Activate Amazon.com/mytv Account?

Amazon is an online e-commerce platform and is also famous in the streaming world. The users can enjoy streaming videos via www.amazon.com/mytv. Also, the users can stream a range of online movies and favorite content on their TV. But before streaming movies and online content, the users will have to go through the activation process. Also, they must have an account.

Through www.amazon.com/mytv, the user can watch their favorite shows and movies without any advertisements. Moreover, amazon adds such a great amount in its unique arrangement, making Amazon prime video more stunning. Additionally, there is an endless number of gadgets on which the users can watch amazon prime videos.

The users can stream a vast collection of best-loved online movies and shows through www.amazon.com/mytv account. But if any user doesn’t have an account, they must create one and perform the activation procedure. Therefore, all users should read the entire information provided here regarding the steps to create and activate an account for www.amazon.com/mytv.

List of Devices Compatible with www.amazon.com/mytv

The amazon prime account user can stream unlimited TV episodes and movies via the amazon prime video app. Millions of people across the world access Amazon prime video. But the user will have to create an amazon account to take advantage of Amazon's services.

Almost all internet-enabled smart devices can work with Amazon prime video seamlessly. However, below stated is the list of the devices that are compatible with www.amazon.com/mytv. So, check out the device list and then proceed further with the account creation and activation process.

  • Android TV

  • Roku TV

  • Sony TV

  • Vizo TV

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox 360

  • Apple TV

  • Wii

  • PS4

  • Vizio

  • Blue-ray players

  • Firestick with Amazon prime app installed

So mentioned above are the devices that are compatible with amazon.com/mytv. Therefore, after checking out the list, move further with the account creation and activation process.

Steps to Create www.amazon.com/mytv Account

During the activation process, there is a stage where the users will have to login into their amazon account. Therefore, the users having an account can easily login to their account with the login credential, but those who don’t have it must create the account. So, those who don’t have an account should follow the steps below and create the account.

  • Firstly ensure that the device has a good internet connection.

  • After this, open any reliable browser on the device.

  • Then enter www.amazon.com/mytv in the browser’s address bar.

  • Now from there, find the “New to Amazon” option.

  • Then under that, tap on the “Create Your Amazon Account.”

  • Note: The users will have to enter their details, such as their name, email address, and the unique password for their account.

  • Then the users will be asked to check the email that they have provided for a verification link.

  • Note: The users will receive an Amazon One Time Password (OTP).

  • Note: The users who receive One Time Password (OTP) are suggested to enter the password and click on the “Continue” option.

Note: The users who wish to become a paid Amazon Prime Member should move ahead and add their credit card as the preferred payment method.

www.amazon.com/mytv activation procedure

All users must undergo the Amazon activation procedure to enjoy streaming movies and shows. Therefore, all users are suggested to accomplish the account activation procedure to take advantage of Amazon's features.

  • Open the app store on the device.

  • After this, search for the “Amazon Prime” app.

  • Then the users are suggested to install the app on their device.

  • Note: Wait for the app to get installed successfully on the device.

  • After this, search for the “Register on the Amazon Website” option and hit on it.

  • Then an activation code will appear on the screen.

  • Now pen down the activation code.

  • After that, open the internet browser.

  • Then in the browser's address bar, type www.amazon.com/mytv.

  • After that, users are suggested to enter the details and then log in to the Amazon Prime account.

  • Now the users are suggested to type the activation code which they have noted.

  • Note: Make sure that the code entered is correct. Thus, if the code is correct, then click on the “Register Device” option.

Hence once the user applies the steps provided above, they can easily accomplish the www.amazon.com/mytv activation procedure.

If the user follows the above-stated steps, they can quickly create an account and activate it on www.amazon.com/mytv. Therefore, through the help of the account, the users can easily activate Amazon prime on www.amazon.com/mytv. Furthermore, through the Amazon Prime verification code, the users can activate and subscribe to the Amazon Prime Membership.