'untitled' 2020 61cmx50cm

Black British 2020

'No black in the union jack' 2020

123cmx67cm fabric, canvas, oil paint, acrylic hair, brush bristles, nails,

'Justice on my mind Love in my heart' 2020

'Are you Zulu?'

installation piece 2019 live recorded painting piece

'Other side of the coin' 2020 42cmx 60cm copper pennies, nails, acrylic paint, collage, ducktape.

'Map of trauma ' 2020 60cmx90cm fabric, nails, tread, filipino bristles, metal scraps, canvas, acrylic hair, oil paint, acrylic paint

The time the crown melted '2020'153cmx 125cm oil, fabric, acrylic hair, netting

Western JuJu '2020' 70cmx23cm reclaimed tennis racket

Black Persephone 2018

The lynching and the cross '2020'

'Are you Zulu' Performance art piece 2019

'Wind-a portrait of Frank Bowling' 2020