Represent yourself

Storied Self is a career counseling process to prepare for AI-based interviews. Some individuals choose to go further to better define their career interests.

This new interview format is used by employers as a first-round candidate screening tool. A job candidate's ability to make meaning and diversify their word choice can make for a higher candidate score.

Start at the basics and complete a short course to prepare for an AI interview. After completing the course, if you would like to learn more, we can meet together for a session.

The SelfVue system is an inexpensive course and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. You will learn tangible methods to conquer this new interview format and improve your candidate ranking.

How does Storied Self help?

  • Success at video interviews

  • Optimally structured stories

  • Alignment of your career identity

For a new career direction or a better interview performance, use Storied Self.

AI-based interviews

Video interviews are the big uncertainty of a job search. Add the further unknown of artificial intelligence that scores and ranks candidates, and it seems there is not much control over the interview process. How does an individual improve their articulation for more likelihood of success? With AI-based interviews, what counts is what you reveal through your language.


Employers’ selection of new hires has changed and now job candidates must demonstrate their ability, not just talk about it. If your candidacy has not progressed beyond the initial stage of a video interview during the job search process, then learn how your responses can be better expressed.

Career clarification

With our advanced package, build on the preparation you have completed and understand the patterns of your interests. You can start to find work choices that are consistent with your strengths, interests, and desires.

The importance of stories to reveal yourself

Specific stories or micro-narratives from your life give you the ability to reveal yourself, to an artificial intelligence algorithm or as an insight to yourself. Stating or expressing your preferences does not clarify your differences.