• 提供兩款4吋和8吋帶鎖萬向輪供選購
  • 附加配件樂器裝置,讓樂手配合個人喜好輕鬆添加伴奏樂器
  • 油壓高度調節,滿足任何場地佈置
  • 備4.3八度音選購

about sticksmusic,

Pop, rock, jazz, classical, country- there is a wealth of music styles, but no matter which genre, all music is a natural form of expression reflecting our passions and our dreams. We believe that in a world where time flies and pressure is inherent, music is a natural stress reliever. It refreshes the soul and nourishes the well-being. music is for everyone.

Located at centre in Macau, SticksMusic’s is the first percussion instrument store in Macau.