How to activate roku via

About Roku

Roku provides the features that a user asks for. With a scintillating collection of more than 1000 channels in its bay, it makes the process easier and is regarded as the simplest way of getting yourself entertained. One can access more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes with this device. You might doubt its capability. But, always remember that there is a Roku device for everyone. It makes streaming more comfortable and productive. Get a Roku and relish all the fun while it lasts. Navigate to the webpage and submit the Roku activation code to activate the device.

Roku Streaming Device Models

  • Roku Express- supports full HD video, Dolby Audio via HDMI

  • Roku Streaming Stick- powerful, voice search is worthy

  • Roku Express+-comes with an AV cable and affordable

  • Roku streaming stick+-4K Ultra HD and HDR compatibility

  • Roku Ultra-4K support for up to 60 frames per second

What are the channels present in the Roku platform?

  • Netflix

  • YouTube

  • Hulu

  • Prime Video

  • Spectrum TV

  • Sling TV

  • YouTube TV

  • The Roku channel

  • Pluto TV

  • AT&T TV

  • Xfinity Stream Beta

  • Pandora

  • Tubi-Free Movies & TV

  • VUDU

  • CBS All Access

  • ESPN

  • Disney NOW


  • Spotify Music

  • Philo


  • HBO Go

  • Plex

  • CBS News

  • PlayStation Vue

  • NBC

  • Starz

  • Fox News Channel

  • TV

  • On News

  • Fubo tv

  • News ON

  • Crackle

  • Nick Jr.

  • NFL

  • ABC News

  • NBC News

  • ABC

  • Showtime


  • WWE Network

  • Google Play Movies & TV

  • Newsy

  • PBS

  • FOX Sports

  • iHeartRadio

  • Beachbody on Demand

  • Cartoon Network

  • Bravo

  • TLC GO

How to Setup a Roku Device using

  • First of all, insert one end of the HDMI cable into the rear of the Roku player and then connect the other end into the HDMI port of your TV

  • Next, make a note of the port number of the HDMI to which the Roku is connected, and it can be HDMI 1,2 as per your TV

  • After that, fix one end of the power cord into the rear of the Roku streaming player and the other end to the power outlet

  • Secondly, power on the TV and hold the Input, Video or Source button on the TV remote to choose the HDMI slot

  • Now, the Roku setup screen will appear and begin with the initial setup process

Set up your My Roku

Make use of the Roku remote arrow buttons and choose your language and then press the OK button

Connecting My Roku to My Wi-Fi

  • Moreover, in the network page, choose Scan again to see all Networks options and press OK to scan for the networks

  • After that, scroll down the available networks, highlight it and press the OK button

  • Similarly, make use of the on-screen keyboard and choose the password for the Network and press the OK button

  • And now, your Roku will get its access to your Wireless Network

  • After connecting to the Wi-Fi, the Roku streaming device will update to its latest version

My Display on My Roku

  • Firstly, choose the Set display Type option and then enable the setup to run

  • On the other hand, set up the Roku remote to control your TV by checking in the Remote settings option

  • Finally, wait for the Roku activation code to appear on the TV screen

  • This will be a five-character alphanumeric code, which you will enter into the page

  • In order to activate your Roku streaming device, you need to determine your Roku activation code and enter it in

Activate My Roku account

  • First of all, obtain a web browser on your computer that is connected to the same network as the Roku device

  • Secondly, launch the Roku website, enter in the address bar of the web browser

  • In there, enter the five-character alphanumeric Roku activation code in

  • Finally, check the code once before clicking the Submit and then click the Submit button

Building up My Roku account

  • Now, create your Roku account by accessing the Roku sign up page

  • Firstly, reach the Roku sign up site and click the Create account option

  • In the main page, there will appear a form that you need to fill to start with the account creation process

  • The first column will for your first name and the second column be for your last name

  • Next, provide your account with a valid email address that you are currently using to get notifications regarding the account

  • Similarly, create a secure password to use it as the login credentials

  • Secondly, from the PIN preference, choose the Update button

  • Moreover, select your PIN preference from the choices given

  • Now, enter a four-digit print and choose Verify PIN field for confirmation

  • If you have a PIN already, then you can enter the PIN in the Verify PIN field

  • Choose Save changes and accept the terms of service

  • Most importantly, choose the Add Payment method and choose your mode either Credit card or PayPal

  • After paying your bucks, the account creation completes

  • If you already have a Roku account, then select login and key in the credentials

  • Finally, proceed with any on-screen guidelines to complete the setup

How to Get Roku Link Code

  • First of all, sign into the registered My Roku account

  • After that, reach the Player section to get the Roku link code

  • Once after getting the Roku link code, access the

  • In, enter the link code and click the Activate button .

How to Activate Roku Using

  • Setup the Roku streaming device, by using the Quick Start Guide that came with the Roku package

  • After completing the on-screen guidelines to link the Roku device to the

  • Secondly, the Roku device will update its latest software

  • Now, you can find the Roku activation code on the TV screen

  • Note this activation link code and visit

  • Similarly, launch a new web browser and enter in the address bar

  • Next, in the page that opens, enter the Roku activation code and click the Submit button

  • Finally, the Roku device activation is complete, and activation is done via

My Roku Activation Issues

  • In case if you face some error, while the activation process then make use of the following steps

  • Firstly, check for the activation code that has to be entered in

  • Make sure that the activation code is active or run out of time

  • After that, ensure that all the five characters are entered into the link box

  • Next, if the code is wrong or invalid, then get another code

  • Do this by pressing the Roku Home screen and then press the Star button

  • Moreover, choose the Get a new code option

  • The code will appear on the TV screen, visit Roku com link and enter the code Similarly, if this does not solve the issue, then check for the network connectivity

  • Secondly, make use of another web browser to make use of

  • Also, check for the initial setup process to resolve the issues of the Roku not working

What are the Roku Error codes?

Roku error code 001

This error can occur while activating the Roku channel.


  • First of all, switch off your Roku device and then power it on after sometime

  • Moreover, again start with the activation process via

Roku error code 009

This error code can inform you that the TV is linked to the router but does not have the network access.


  • Firstly, make use of another device like a computer or tablet and check whether the network connection is working

  • And also check the internet settings of the Roku streaming device

Roku error code 012

This can be an error that is related to the Ethernet. Make use of the following steps to resolve this issue.


  • At first, ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the TV and the router

  • Make use of another Ethernet cable

  • If the issue persists, restart both the wireless router and the TV

Roku Error code 013

This is another Error code that is related to the Ethernet.


  • Firstly, check whether the wireless router is functioning well

  • If you are not able to link the internet from another device, then restart your TV

  • Remove this Ethernet cable and make use of another one

  • Finally, if this problem continues, reset the router

Roku Error code 014

This error code can occur when the TCL Roku TV fails to link to the wireless Network


  • check whether you are choosing the correct wireless network name

  • Moreover, selecting the wrong network name can lead you to this error

Roku Error code 014.40

This can happen when you wrongly enter the password of your Wireless Network


  • First of all, make sure you are selecting the correct home network

  • Check the password that you are entering is correct

  • Also, check if the MAC address Filtering is enabled on the router

Roku Error code 016

It can happen when you are trying to open a streaming channel, but the TV lost its Network


  • Similarly, choose Set up the connection to reach your network settings and proceed with the on-screen process.

Roku Error code 017

You can get this error when the TV is getting a weak network signal from the router


  • Try to restart the TV and the wireless router.

Roku Error code 018

It can occur when the network bandwidth is not secure.


  • First of all, check with the internet service provider to view the speed of the connection.

Activation without credit card

  • After the installation process, on-screen instructions can prompt you to register your account

  • Similarly, click the My Account option and click the Create account option

  • On the other hand, provide your name, email address, and choose a password for your Roku account

  • Now, create a PIN for your account and click require a PIN for all transactions for security purposes

  • Next, in the next screen, you must provide the billing info

  • After that, choose the PayPal option and provide your email address and the details required

  • This can redirect you to the PayPal homepage to sign in and confirm the linking Roku to PayPal

  • Secondly, launch a new web browser window and return to the Roku site

  • Click the My Account option and choose the Payment method

  • Moreover, scroll down and click the Link a device option

  • Finally, proceed with the on-screen guidelines to link the Roku device

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