Evening Health and Vitality Qi Gong - Levy Studio SF - Tuesdays 5:45-7:00pm (STARTS NOV 7)

This class combines the effortless flow movements of Qi Gong with movements to develop strength and flexibility and internal power. This practice combines stretches and energetic exercise that combines both yin and yang forms of conditioning. Yang is dynamic, active, fluid movements and yin is static, meditative, grounding.

Participants will learn a dynamic flow to open the body, to guide and direct internal and external energy through the body energy pathways as well as cultivate more energy.

Great for all, especially for folks looking for the therapeutic side of a movement practice and incremental mind-body strength development.

STARTS NOVEMBER 7: $10-$20 per class, sliding scale, Nov and Dec, $20 after

Levy Studio, 19 Heron Street, San Francisco