office setup with

  1. Go to for office setup.

  2. Sign in or create a new one Microsoft.

  3. Enter Office Product key, select country, and Language.

  4. Select Install to download office setup.

  5. Run Downloaded Office setup.

  6. Finish Installation and Open Office.

How to activate Office

If you have already installed Office and now you want to Activate Office on your PC/MAC follow the steps below:

  1. Open any Office Application (Like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint).

  2. You will get a prompt to Sign In or Create an Account.
    If you don’t get a Prompt, Go to the
    “Account” menu on the left bar.

  3. Sign In with your Microsoft Account.

  4. If your Office shows Activating and activates by itself that means you do not need anything else, If it shows another prompt asking for Product Key. Enter Product Key and Follow the on-screen instructions, and your Office will be activated.

Microsoft 365 or Office 2019

If you’re confused about which one to choose, here’s what you need to know.

Microsoft Office has been the go-to suite for any type of consumer. Being one of the giants of the internet, Microsoft has reached over 1.5 billion users all over the world. Chances are you already have at least one app on your device. Microsoft Office is popular for its extremely helpful features and user-friendly interface. From homes and students to businesses, Microsoft Office is ready for everything you want. If you’re thinking about using it yourself, there are a few things to take into consideration first. Microsoft Office has different options, with different payment plans and capabilities included. The most well-known packages are Microsoft 365 and Office 2019. Before 2019, Office 2016 was the most accessible one for customers, but Office 2019 is the updated and improved version of that one.

Office 2019 – What’s in it for you?

Office 2019 can easily help you with productivity and accessibility.

Right off the bat, you have to know that Office 2019 offers the flagship apps: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. But that’s not all.

There are 3 different editions of Office 2019:

  • Home & Student ($149.99): Excel, Word, Powerpoint for 1 PC or Mac.

  • Professional ($439.99): Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook, and Access for 1 PC.

  • Home & Business ($249.99): Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for 1 PC or Mac.

You can choose the edition based on the apps you need to use. You only have to pay for Office 2019 once and you’ll get the stand-alone suite you need.

However, there are several features that this package does not include, compared to Microsoft 365. To cover a larger topic, we’ll compare Office 2019 Home & Business:

  • You can’t use it for more than 1 PC or Mac.

  • You won’t have access to the latest updates of the apps.

  • Your suite depends on your PC. This means that you can’t access it on other devices, which is very limiting.

Office 2019 may be the cheapest option in the long run. If you don’t need all the features and possibilities Microsoft 365 offers and you’re comfortable using only your PC, then it’s a great option for you.

Microsoft 365 – The Ultimate Package

Microsoft put all their best moves into this package to make it as attractive as possible.

Microsoft 365 is the setup you need if you want to use it on multiple devices, as it’s a cloud-based service. You can subscribe to this service for an ongoing monthly fee that differs according to the edition you choose, as well as other features:

  • Microsoft 365 Family ($9,99/month or $99.99/year) – get all the Microsoft apps you need + a special Microsoft Family Safety feature for up to 6 people. Every user gets 1 TB of space.

  • Microsoft 365 Personal ($6.99/month or $69.99/year) – it includes everything Family does, but it’s only for 1 person and 1 TB of cloud storage.

The payment plan is accessible for anyone that wants to use it. Moreover, in comparison to Office 2019, it was many more features:

  • All the Microsoft apps + Premium value in Skype, Microsoft Editor, and OneDrive.

  • You get all the latest updates to the included apps. Once installed, security and maintenance won’t be a problem.

  • The cloud storage will make it easier for you to access the suite from anywhere.

If you subscribe to this one, you won’t need Office 2019 as all its features will be already included.

While Microsoft 365 is a highly valuable package, if you’re only looking for the core apps and a traditional experience, it might be too much for you to pay for unnecessary features.

Troubleshoot Office

Microsoft Office has gained and earned trust by providing support for customers and has a major knowledge base on the troubleshooting of the software, In most case, you just need to open the website and you can troubleshoot the error on this website.

Why Office?

With flawless features, you get seamless integrations for third-party Addons and plugins that expand the versatility of office 2019 and Office 365. Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 have endless features and are used by professionals and are known for trust and productivity.

Office Setup and Installation Process with

Firstly, you will need to have all the tools and requirements that are required for Office Setup and Installation. You will need to make sure you have a Purchased Office Product key or Subscription. You need to have an Internet Connection and a browser. You will also need to have your system with minimum configuration to Run Office.

Once you have made sure that your requirements are met, you can move to next step. No you will need to Activate Office using your Product key that you have purchased from Microsoft Office, you will be able to do that by logging in to you Microsoft Account at and Entering your Product Key.

The primary goal to setup Office is to make sure that your Installation process has no errors, so once you download and run the Office setup, make sure there is no error, If any error occurs while installation, do not go ahead without troubleshooting the error. There might be Issue with your computer or with the Installation file.

What is Microsoft HUP

If you are an employee of a company or an organization and you have all the documents to prove it, you are eligible for a Discount to buy Office 365 Family or Office 365 Personal at a very good discount. Therefore, you can use this Office subscription on any personal or home devices. This program is called Microsoft Home Use Program and was introduced by Microsoft for users who work at certain offices or companies. This has now grown and become a vital part of the Microsoft Office environment.

Buy/Purchase Office Subscription

You can purchase Office from a local store or you can choose the easier way by purchasing Office online. You can visit and purchase Office by selecting a plan that suits your needs. You will get a product key in your email or on your product page that you can use while office setup at

From Local Store

In fact, You can also Purchase Office from a local store and furthermore use the purchased product key that is on the backside of the purchased Office package to redeem and activate your Office Product from and download your Office Subscription.

What is a Office Product Key

Product Key is 25 Alphanumeric secret product code that is attached to your software to secure it from hackers and pirates. This is most of the time, to be used once to Activate your Office purchase. If you purchase Office online you will get a product key in your Email that you have used to purchase office. Or you can find it on the backside of the Product package box. office setup

Open your Browser, Visit or Sign In with your Microsoft Account or Create a New Microsoft Office. Next, Enter the Product key that was sent to you when you purchased Office online or it will be on the backside of your Purchased retail package. Select Country/Region and Language, click Next. Now, Select your Subscription, Click Install to Download Office Installation File. Click Save and Run. Office setup will run once the Installation Finishes. Follow Installation Wizard and Finish Installation. You have Installed Office, You can Run Office Applications.

Office setup and Install

Follow the step’s to install Office on Windows/MAC:

1. When the download completes, Go to files and run the “Microsoft Office Installer.exe” in Windows and “Microsoft Office.DMG” in Mac file.

2. Next, an alert appears on your computer screen, with the message “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your Device?”, click Yes.

3. It has two options to select from, according to your choice and requirement, select either one i.e., Complete Package or Custom Package.

4. Now, the Installation will start. Wait for the Installation to Finish.

5. Open Applications and Get Started with Office.

Removing Office from Mac

1. Go to Finder > Applications.

2. Select all your Office Apps.

3. Move all the selected apps to Trash.

4. Now Empty Trash and you have removed Office. You can use third party cleaner apps too.

How to create new Office Account

Follow steps on how to create a new Office account.

Go to

1. Click on Create a new Microsoft Account.

2. If you already have an email id with any other email service enter that or click on Get a new email address. You can use your Phone too.

3. Now, Create a Password for your Microsoft Account. Always remember your Password.

4. If you signed up with your own email id, Verify that or continue with your new Account.

How to turn On recurring Billing for Office

1. Go to

2. Now go to Subscriptions > Your Office Subscription.

3. Click on Manage > Billing.

4. Now on the Recurring Billing, turn the option off.

How to switch from GSUITE to Office 365

1. Sign up with Office 365.

2. Setup Office 365 apps.

3. Move Files from GSuite.

4. Connect your Email Id and Domain.

5. Cancel your GSuite Subscription.

6. Set up Devices and Teams(users).

How to Renew Office Subscription

1. Go to

2. Now sign in to your Microsoft Office account (Account that you use to Sign in for Office).

3. Select the subscription you want to renew.

4. Click on Renew Now > Pay Now.

5. Select your Renewal Period.

6. Make Payment.

You have successfully renewed your Office subscription. Office subscriptions are available monthly and yearly.

How to change payment method for Office 365

1. Go to

2. Now go to Billing > Payment Methods.

3. You can Edit your existing payment method by clicking on it.

4. To add, click on Add a new Payment Method.

5. Enter Details and Click add.

6. You have successfully added a new payment method to your office subscription. This applies to any plans except for Prepaid plans.

Quick office setup with

In case you are confused about how to visit, you can simply go to google search and type, click on the first result, clicking on the result will take you to and now you can follow through the process by signing in to your Microsoft Account.

Go to for office setup.

Open your browser and visit or Visiting or will open up the Official Microsoft Office setup website with a lot of options related to Office setup.

Sign in or create a new one Microsoft.

Then, on the website, Sign In to your existing Microsoft Account. If you have purchased Office from a local store and you do not have an account, click on Create a New Account.

Enter Office Product key, select country, and Language.

Furthermore, You will now need a product key that you have got in your email or is printed on the product box. This is a 25 Digit Alphanumeric in XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format. Do not use hyphens or space in between. You might also need to select your Country/Region and Language. Click Next.

Select Install to download office setup.

Once your Product key is activated and your details are verified, you will be forwarded to your Office home page, Under your product details, on the right side of the page, click on the orange Install button. Select the version and the Office setup will start downloading.

Run Downloaded Office setup.

Depending on the browser, once the download starts, click on Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox), the installation will start, a Prompt will appear asking “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” select Yes. The Installation will begin.

Finish Installation and Open Office.

Run the office installation wizard, Follow on-screen instructions (for custom install), users who have express install won’t need to select or choose any option the Installation will start automatically. Wait for the installation to finish. After the installation has finished, you will get a message saying “You’re all set! Office is installed now.” This means your Office installation is done and finished. Click Close. You can go to the Start menu and Open and Run any Office application.