Living Flavor Academy

Academy offerings:

  • Experiential lessons in flavor - online interactive course that walks you through each of the flavors- salty, sweet, bitter, sour, umami and what they are telling your body.
  • Online courses that teach...? Self reflection/meditation, body awareness, flavor stewardship (aka growing gardens, farms, growers, living flavor scientists, creating balanced spice blends, podcasts , online videos to promote living flavor)
  • Speaking engagements
  • Connection to resources of living flavor. (affiliate programs - spice companies, restaurants, farmers, CSA's, etc)
  • Value added partnerships courses for nutritionists who value whole foods and living flavor and want to see more effective joyful results from their clients

Want to learn more about my personal journey and how I came to be so passionate about flavor and health? Follow me and 15 other strong, inspiring women as we tell our stories of reaching the other side of adversity. You too can find your power, your gifts and your message to the world. Be inspired, then be you!

And when you're ready to be you and share it in writing... dive in and be a part of Ready To Fly future volumes...

Are you Ready To Fly?

I'd like to introduce you to Mark Schatzker, the Flavor Detective and Author of The Dorito effect.

Mark doesn't know it yet, but we are kindred spirits. Have you ever read a book that basically justified your existence in this world? That is what his book did for me.

Way before I ever heard of this book, I was honored to write a chapter in Ready To Fly- Stories of Strength and Courage. In this brief recap of my life and purpose I talked about Flavor with Intention- and finding our way back to individual health. Deep inside in the depths of my intuition, I knew that having a deep connection to our sense of taste could lead us to our own health. And then, this book shows up- with all of the masterminded flavor detection and proof of manipulation and flavor lies that have lead us down the path of unhealthy consumption of foods... it's life changing. He wrote the book in 2015. We WILL be working together on our shared mission. I said it, and so it is!

Click on this animated summary of his book and you will pretty much understand why we have become unhealthy based on eating non-living flavors.

Event Ideas:

  • Speaking
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Youtube Channel
  • Flavor Tasting Classes