Living Flavor Revolution


My name is Sherry Hess and I am an advocate for living flavor and the Creator and Founder of Legendary Spice. My personal journey has taken me through health issues that doctors couldn't address resulting in me taking my health into my own hands and healing through food and supplements full of herbs, spices and healing plants. And now- I am stepping deeper into my own power, my own tools guided by intuition and my sense of taste.

The more I share my story, the more I realize that I am not alone, and we must start asking ourselves why we are getting sick with so many mystery illnesses like autoimmune diseases. To me, the very best way that you can own your health is to eat right. But believe me, I know there are way too many conflicting messages about what is "right." That's why I'm creating this revolution - so that we can take back our health by understanding what our body is telling us.

I'm a long time advocate of organic, non-GMO and sustainably grown food- of both the plant and animal kind. To me, these things are a priority to our health. The manipulation of our food has resulted in destruction of our soils and environment, toxic states of chronic inflammation in our bodies and insane amounts of confusion about what we are supposed to be eating. Finding the answers to whats right for you as an individual seems impossible.

I want to remind you of the most powerful tool that you have to guide you to trust your own decisions of what to eat -YOUR SENSE OF TASTE! By educating you on the power that you have and teaching you when you can and cannot trust your sense of taste - I believe that you are your best source to determine nutrition that is right for you. Not the so called health experts, not the radically suggested diets, and certainly food guidelines that are backed by elusive corporate funding.

You were born with your most trusted tools for health. Doesn't that sound like the most wonderful joyful empowering idea ever? I believe we can trust our bodies again- but we must do it with Living Flavor(TM).

Imagine if enjoying true living flavor could lead to successful eating choices and long term health. ....that is my dream come true.

Much love-