Department Chairperson & Leadership Committee Member

  • Demonstrate knowledge of content areas and approved curriculum.
  • Manage diverse department through collective collaboration to produce positive and productive collegial relationships.
  • Support and promote strategies produce efficient and effective systems and increase student achievement.
  • Follow board policies, including leadership and administrative rules and regulations.
  • Use interpretive data to guide decisions/directives and make recommendations where necessary
  • Work with principals, counselors and educators to ensure department runs smoothly.
  • Communicate manageable guidelines, goals and areas of growth.

GCU Inquiry Based Learning Professional Development Trainer

  • Promote positive culture of project based learning through student-initiated engagement of self-guided inquiry.
  • Facilitate collaboration and accountability through small group instruction.
  • Provide professional development to staff, meeting them where they are at and moving forward to complete understand and acceptance of accelerated individual educational plans.

Culturally Relevant Teaching Trainer

  • Facilitate Culturally Responsive Teaching sessions for MPS staff both during and outside of regularly contracted hours at various locations throughout the district
  • Serve as an ambassador within the district for Culturally Responsive Teaching practices
  • Provide input into the development of the Culturally Responsive Teaching course
  • Utilize WICOR professional learning practices in instruction with adult learners to effectively meet the needs of participants
  • Implement the Culturally Responsive Teaching syllabus and accompanying resources with fidelity and intent

Employee Improvement Committee Chairperson

  • Demonstrate program commitment to improving campus relations with administration, staff, students and other departments.
  • Evaluate systems and procedures as they relate to employee engagement, satisfaction and ability to meet district-wide goals and campus initiatives.
  • Support innovative activities to promote student attendance and alternatives to suspension.
  • Collaborate on recommendations for administrative support, revision and accountability.
  • Prepare agenda, manage floor time, conduct needs assessment and distribute minutes and final reporting

Career & Technical Student Organization Advisor/Mentor/Coach

  • Support and empower students to develop their potential in alternative career pathways outside of traditional academia.
  • Provide leadership opportunities through individual and group training.
  • Demonstrate the power of collaboration through group activities, conferences and competitions
  • Seek opportunities for participation at the local, district, region, state, and national levels
  • Align activities with district curriculum
  • Integrate social and emotional learning in all activities while building self-confidence
  • Recruit prospective students while building good community relations that recognize the school and career programs

Emerging Technologies/CTE Teacher

  • Produce, write and record weekly broadcast and daily announcements.
  • Promote, market and facilitate technical education program as an avenue for career success.
  • Support instruction and delivery using MAC, Final Cut Pro X, Google Classroom and Canvas LMS.
  • Effectively manage learning environments for the professional, adult and young adult learner.
  • Instruct students and personnel using a wide range of blended technologies, differentiated instruction strategies using data-driven best practices to support Common Core Standards.
  • Teach students about the field of television; video, audio production and filmmaking, while implementing research based high quality professional learning initiatives.
  • Prepare project based lesson plans with consideration for time restrictions and learning modalities.
  • Provide direct instruction via classroom support and learning management systems including Canvas and Google Classroom.
  • Evaluate and monitor student progress via direct instruction and computer-based assessments.
  • Provide professional and technical assistance school wide.
  • Monitor and evaluate student achievement according to state, district and national standards and guidelines.
  • Work independently and cooperatively with district professional and campus professional learning communities.
  • Model, train, and consult with teachers on modifications and accommodations to instruction and materials to ensure that all students are successful in an inclusive classroom.

ELAA/Adult Education Teacher

  • Maintain the required participant progress documentation, attendance records and progress reports.
  • Actively participate in professional learning community, contributing greatly in the area of technology and peer instruction.
  • Assess program students using the TABE, My Foundations Lab and AZ Career Information Systems learning management systems.
  • Create a classroom environment that is conductive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interest of the students, often reflecting on cultural awareness and inclusions.
  • Assist in the counseling and guidance with emphasis on maximum progress of participants.
  • Prepare and submit monthly reports on a timely basis.
  • Coordinate program activities with other program staff to promote the most effective instructional program goals.

English Teacher

  • Solid experience in freshman, sophomore and Junior English and academic instruction.
  • Implemented transition to common core standards based curriculum.
  • Employed research-based/data driven techniques to promote and assess learning including response to intervention, differentiated instruction, formative and summative assessments and best practices.
  • Helped teachers improve teaching and increase student engagement by providing instructional strategies for active engagement with or without the aid of technology.
  • Conducted school wide reading initiative and tutoring activities to increase student achievement on the AIMS.
  • Modeled, trained, and consulted teachers on modifications and accommodations to instruction and materials ensuring that all students are successful in an inclusive classroom.
  • Coordinated with students, parents, teachers, teacher assistants, and various service providers for students identified with a disability in the general classroom.

Program Manager/Arts Jobs and Mentoring

  • Developed, organized and managed arts program for “at-risk” and/or students with special needs.
  • Recruited, trained and managed 14 professional artists to mentor students for jobs and mentoring program.
  • Located and obtained appropriate locations for assorted workshops and meetings.
  • Planned and presented quarterly training for adult artists.
  • Promoted program awareness through print, social and digital media.
  • Maintained strict confidentiality and discretion at all times.
  • Increased program participation by 70%.
  • Increased mentorship by 200%.
  • Program satisfaction rating of 96%.
  • Students consistently rated “I felt good about myself” as their number one reason for attending program offerings.

References available upon request.