2019 flyDrama XC Open

Dates: 01.07.2019 - 07.07.2019

Place: Petrussa takeoff, Drama, Greece.

Goal: Free competition for all pilots, with focus on sharing experience and learning.

First briefing: 01.07.2019 9am at Petrussa landing.

Regular daybriefings: 10am

Prizegiving: Sunday 07.07.2019 7pm

Free event for all XC-pilots.

FlyDrama welcome you to this friendly competition where focus will be on sharing experience and to improve all our flying skills by learning from each other. You just register and fly as many days as you like. After your flight you just report your biggest distance via 3 turnpoints (5 point distance). Since Drama has good, safe flying conditions, we can expect long flights every day. It is then preferable to use this way of scoring instead of open distance. This is to make the retrieve more easy. The safety will be improved this way. You get time to rest to be ready for the next day.

Every day we will have briefing at the landing field where we talk about weather forecasts, flying techniques, route planning and yesterday's winner tells us about his/her flight. There will also be a briefing at takeoff. All briefings are optional. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you don't want to report your flights. We will make this a memorable event with no pressure. Just pure fun!

All pilots who are participating, must be a part of a safety- team. The safety- team are responsible for the team members safety, transportation to takeoff and retrieve. The teams must be organized and registered before the start of the competition or at least before the start every day. The safety-team must make sure that all pilots in the team are accounted for at the end of the day.

There will be scoring every day. Classes will be Open, female, serial (EN-D), sport (EN-C) and fun (EN A and B). Overall scoring for the week will be the sum of the best 4 flights during the week.

Registration to be done by emailing name, glider and class to kjellharald(at)flydrama.com. The results to be reported at the same place.