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Do you need assistance and support from Harvey? We're here to help!

At EHCEC, we've been in the community working to support families impacted by Harvey. For many the help cannot come fast enough. We're grateful to have the support of compassionate corporations, invested individuals, organizations and churches that are actively working to support our region. We're encouraged to continue the important work of finding solutions for families seeking o rebuild their lives. Thank you for stopping by our website to learn more about our work and how you can become involved in it. We have volunteer opportunities for all ages and look forward to learning more about you as well.

The East Harris County Recovery Project

On Friday, August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas. From Victoria to Houston, the storm dropped trillions of gallons of water and left an unprecedented amount of damage. Schools, homes, places of worship and businesses have all suffered significant water damage. Roads were impassable and our way of life will never be the same. Many residents were evacuated with their most precious belongings and placed in local shelters. East Harris County Empowerment Council has initiated The Recovery Project to help our neighbors recover. While the rain and water may subside, the experience of Harvey will linger for years. We ask you to partner with us to meet the immediate and long term needs of our neighbors.

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    • Phone: (281) 712-2550
    • Email: Info@ehcec.org
    • Service Area: East Harris County, TX
    • Mailing Address: 12605 East Freeway #600, Houston, TX 77015