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The Survey is concluded!

Thanks to everyone who participated

The Tazewell County Broadband Committee will soon be asking for your input. Our goal with the survey is to get an accurate picture of the current state of broadband in Tazewell County Illinois.

    • The survey will help show our community where the underserved areas are and who is currently having issues with the internet.

    • County residents with high-speed, reliable internet cannot fully understand the ongoing struggles of residents who live without. This survey will help spread awareness and the results will show the full scope of the broadband obstacles facing Tazewell County.

    • Our overall goal is to determine what additional community actions are needed based on findings and community interest. Data can also be used as supporting evidence when applying for state and federal grant funding for broadband infrastructure development.

The Survey is expected to run the whole month of March 2022, if you have questions or concerns please email committee members Stahl or Schneider from the "Contact" page.

Update 4.19.22

The survey has concluded at the beginning of April 2022. We are working to organize the results and will start sharing info with citizens and providers once we have a final document.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. We will announce a winner of the iPad in the coming weeks as well.