"Joint Venture" Service & Support - remote, in person, always personal

What we do? What's included in "Joint Venture"?

  • Custom Application Development (iPad/iPhone/Android/Mac & PC - including now for mobile web) - customers from a 1 person business to National Geographic, Walgreens, Kroger, CEC (Civil Environmental Engineering) - for mobile solutions that are simple, easy to use and save both time/$$ at a fraction of "traditional" app development. A recent app went from concept to launch in 4 weeks for under six figures vs. the six month and well over six figure route. RAD - "rapid application development" - is our core focus.
  • Consulting - 1 on 1 or with our team - on creating solutions for your needs from website to database and workflow automation, including our partnership for marketing solutions with The Graphic Village for logo, business card design, and branding. AIRC, ChapterTwo, NCCAA, ImmigrationConcepts - all started as "one person" businesses with a logo and website.
  • $400+ discounts off Apple Hardware & Software (which often pays for the annual service plan by itself), including set up, transfer from previous, remote/on-site training to get the most from the complete Apple/Google eco-system that works everywhere you do.
  • We helped create, so created our "Joint Venture" program for the busy professional or entrepreneur (often no longer with an IT department to support them).

New in 2019 - thanks to Patrick - "cord cutting" solutions now make "cutting the cord" on cable/satellite easy to do and give you MORE flexibility to watch what you want, when you want on ANY device you want AND save $1000+ per YEAR over "standard" bundles! Over 50 Plex Servers installed and shipped as far away as India this year.

Have 2 houses? Watch your cable channels from one in BOTH and save $ too. Or just get rid of the cable box and watch or DVR on any device - iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac or PC.