www.amazon.com/mytv - Activate Prime Video on your Smart devices

Amazon is not only famous as the biggest e-commerce giant but is also proving to be one of the best video streaming service providers. There is no country in this world that is untouched by the services of Amazon and this is the reason why people prefer using it over other platforms. Thus, if you want to get entertained throughout the month or year by watching videos from different genres, then you can easily activate your Prime membership via www.amazon.com/mytv.

You can stream your favorite entertainment shows of your interest not only on a smart TV but also on devices such as iPhone, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Blu-Ray TV, and more. However, to get started with your subscription, you should use your Amazon account, get the code, and register your device at www.amazon.com/mytv login.

In today’s tutorial, we shall guide you to learn all about the first-time usage of your subscription or membership benefits along with the method to activate Prime Video on different devices. So, if you have been looking for the appropriate procedure to activate Amazon Prime Videos, then you have surely landed at the right place.

How to activate Amazon Prime via www.amazon.com/mytv

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the method of activating your prime video subscription:

1. Turn on your preferred streaming device

2. Navigate to its “Applications” section to find out if Amazon Prime is available there

3. If not, type “Amazon Prime Video” in the search bar

4. And, take necessary steps to get the application on your device and add it

5. After adding it to the channel list, launch the application

6. Now, the new users should click on “Register on Amazon website”

7. Else, complete the login process to get the www.amazon.com/mytv enter code

8. Note down this code as you will need it later on

9. From a browser on your device, go to www.amazon.com/mytv

10. Enter all the requested details on this page

11. Then, provide your www.amazon.com/mytv login details

12. Type the activation code that you noted in the previous steps

As soon as you log in, you will see a confirmation message for your successful device registration.

However, if you are not sure that Amazon Prime will suffice your entertainment needs or not, then you may opt for its trial version. The 30-days free trial is available for all the users across the globe who wishes to test if Amazon Prime is worth their money or not.

How to activate Amazon Prime Free trial?

To initiate using the free trial of Amazon, you can follow the steps that are given below:

1. From a web browser, go to the Prime Video page

2. Then, click on the “Start a free trial” option

3. Now, tap on the “Sign In” button and enter your www.amazon.com/mytv login details

4. If a user does not have an Amazon account, he may go ahead with creating a new account

5. Amazon will send you an authentication code on the registered mobile number

6. Please enter this code carefully in the empty space

7. Fill in other required details which you are asked for

And, you are all set to enjoy your free membership benefits.

Where to enter Amazon My TV Code?

In case you do not know what is the Amazon code and where to enter it, then you may go to www.amazon.com/mytv enter code or follow the directions given below. But, do you know what this code is and how to enter Amazon code. Well, this is a Prime Video activation code that is of 6-digit unique alphanumeric letters. This code is provided to you when you go through the registration of your device via amazon.com/mytv. To enter or use this code for redeeming your subscription, you should go to this website, log into your account, and then get the code from there.

How to watch Amazon Prime on a smart TV?

Check out the simple steps that are given below to start watching Amazon Prime on a Blu-Ray Player or a smart TV:

1. First, install the Amazon Prime Video app on your TV

2. Now, launch the application and log in with your Amazon account

3. You should always use those credentials which you used at www.amazon.com/mytv login

4. Get the code and enter it on your TV screen

Activating Amazon Prime on Media Player or gaming Consoles

If you have a streaming media player or a gaming console, then use these steps for Prime Video activation:

1. Launch the Prime Video app or install it

2. Now, sign in to your registered Amazon account

3. Or, register for an account right now

4. After you sign in, you will see a verification code

5. Copy this code, and enter this on your device’s screen

In The same way, you can activate Amazon Prime on your iPhone or Android phone, or tablet.


Here, we have tried our best to address all the queries of the users related to watching Amazon Prime Video via www.amazon.com/mytv. In case you are seeing an error stating that your entered code is incorrect, then you may try after some time and get the Amazon My TV code once again using the same process.