WWII an Indian Epic

Infantrymen gaze from their landing craft toward Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Britannica

This is the story of the European Theatre told through stories of the Indian Epic the Ramayana.

I have integrated stories from the Ramayana with a splash of the Mahabharata to aid with the continuation of Indian Epics to help better tell the story. Story lines still need to be worked out such as the integration of Khara and Ashwatthaman in the story of the battle of the bulge. Here is the full Introduction.

To aid in your understanding of the storyline it is as follows.

Rama attacks to tell the story of the deception of Operation Bodyguard where the allies fooled the axis into believing that the Normandy invasion was actually going to be at Pas de Calais. Just as Ravana's spies deceived Lanka of Rama's death.

The second part will tell the story of Vali's Death through Operation Overloard commonly refered to as the "D-Day invaisions of Normandy". Just as Rama and Vali fought bloodied and violent. Looking at the "sneaky" and cunning that Rama pulled by launching that dart at Vali we can see that "dart" as the overwhelming forces employeed on the beaches to fight back the forces along the atlantic wall.

The third part of the story is telling the story of The Battle with Khara through the histroic and tide turning Battle of the Bulge. Just as Kahara charged into battle with everything he had only to be defeated. Just as the Germans in WWII made a final push into the lines of the US forces they were eventually beaten back and suffered a great loss.

My goal is to swap names and alter events slightly to tell this story. I really want the history of the war to be my guiding path.