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de WW5SS op Mark QTH Garland TX

My Radio Comms History:

I have a few hobbies but Ham Radio is by far and away my favorite hobby. Like a lot of 50 somethings and new empty nesters, I have rediscovered a couple of hobbies, radio communication being one.

When I was a kid, in my early teens, I was introduced to CB radio. At the time CBing was all the rage. Many of my friends installed CB radios in their parents cars and I was no exception. At that time, the CB band was still quite regulated by "Uncle Charlie" and was used mostly by professional truckers. My dad helped me apply for a CB license and a couple of months later I received notification from the FCC of my new call sign: KRQ-8478. My handle was 'Hellcat". I met a lot of friendly CB'er folks back in those days while attending many 'coffee breaks'.

In my early 20s, I attended trade school for electronics technology. I took a class at a local community college for a while and then found a great private trade school (now defunct) called RETS (Radio Electronics Training School). I did quite well in the course. Straight 'A's and I was able to pass the GROL exam including Ships Radar endorsement. I received my GROL w/Ship Radar 2/1/84. The school management even offered me a job teaching basic electronics but I declined.

Commercially, I am PG0817079 granted 2/1/89. When I passed the test in 1984, it was good for 5 years and you had to renew again (by mail only - no test) every 5 years. In the meantime the FCC changed the license to 'Lifetime Grant' so when I renewed I was issued a lifetime GROL w/Ship Radar in 1989.

I had a great love for radio electronics at that time and come to find out - I STILL DO!!! I believe mainly because it was something that I really excelled in. Alas, I could not find any work in the radio maintenance field at that time due to a very poor economy. As stated, turns out that I have a rekindled love for radio electronics and radio communications hence my new found love with Ham Radio.

So, having some 'downtime' on my hands, I worked on getting my Technician class license during the summer of 2018 and passed the test on 9/11/18. I was issued the call KI5BPB. In December 2018 I passed the General test and in May of 2019 I passed Amateur Extra. I decided to upgrade to a vanity license and was lucky enough to be granted my current 2x2 call WW5SS which I believe has a nicer flow to it.

Below you can see the cockpit in my shack and below that I provide a hardware list. I enjoy SSB Phone, FT8 and FT4. My favorite mode though is CW. I can truly say that I dove into CW head first! Although I'm new to morse code I am currently proficient at 5-7 wpm. Check the side bar as I have created a Morse Code Learning Resource page on this site.





JetStream JTPS30LCD

ICOM IC-7100



J-Pole Antenna

Modes: SSB, FM, FT8, FT4, CW

SignaLink USB

Bencher BY-1 Double Paddle

Straight Key (practice key, converted for radio use)

Heathkit HW-7


RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, Garland, TX

WW5SS, Unit: 554 Grid: 2148

ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Services Grid: 2045


K5QHD Garland Amateur Radio Club

CW Ops CW Academy Alumnus

NAQCC member#10301

FISTS member#19572

SKCC Straight Key Century Club #21010 SPC=TX

Long Island CW Club Member #1686


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