Frederick Jones

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Company/Institution: BioAdvance

After practicing internal medicine, Jones has held positions in big pharma (med affairs, Bus Dev), biotech (Bus Dev, C-level exec), and venture capital. Currently with early stage investor BioAdvance.

John Prendergass

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Associate Director, Health & Digital Health Investment Group

Company/Institution: Ben Franklin Technology Partners, SEP

John is the Associate Director of the Health & Digital Health Investment Group at Ben Franklin Tech. Partners in Philadelphia where he helps manage early-stage investments into medical device, therapeutics, and digital health companies. He was previously a Healthcare Intelligence Analyst at CB Insights, a medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and attended Johns Hopkins as an undergraduate where he studied Behavioral Biology.

Deepak Prabhakar

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Director, Sale Engineering

Company/Institution: CenTrak

Deepak began his career in consulting, at a boutique firm focused on procurement and supply chain, conducting activities within all verticals of the firm. Currently, he works at CenTrak providing technical expertise to customer facing teams in the pre-sales, sales and implementation phases. Deepak is the main contact when customers require small scale systems set up to run pilots or demos.

Austin Deng

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Program Lead

Company: Johnson & Johnson, Unilife

Austin Deng studied Materials Science & Engineering at Cornell University and is now completing his MBA at Wharton. His work experience includes working at Johnson & Johnson developing consumer medical devices, where he has had significant experience using design thinking combined with a deep knowledge of science, technology, business, clinical, and regulatory to help innovate and solve unmet consumer needs. Ryan Walsh studied Mechanical Engineering at UPenn and also received his MBA. He has been working across many companies in healthcare, including starting his own medical device company and selling it back to Johnson & Johnson, where he now works.