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72A Seymour Road, Sunnyvale, Henderson, Auckland


Stadium Hours

2020 Membership Fees

New Venue!

The existing Table Tennis Stadium in Parr's Park is now closed for construction until mid 2021

Our Monday , Wednesday & Thursday sessions will be at the Grandstand Lounge at Trusts Arena (65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson)

The Grandstand lounge is located opposite the main building, overlooking the Douglas Track and Field

Tuesday day club (1-4pm) will be held at Rodneys Table Tennis club

Stadium redevelopment project - work underway

The current Waitemata Table Tennis stadium in Parr’s Park, was built by volunteers in the 1970s is too small, didn’t meet building code, has a leaky asbestos roof and requires significant maintenance. In March 2017 Andrew Palmer, WTTA President, re-started a long term project to look at replacing the stadium. This council approved project has raised around $2million in grant funding and construction is due to start at the end of September and take around 9 months.

The new purpose built facility being built will double the size of the stadium allowing for the hosting of national tournaments and training camps as well as the introduction of para Table Tennis which is not currently possible in the existing facility.

Major contributors are Auckland Council (900,000), Western District Trust (300,000), TTCF (270,000), NZCT (146,000), Lotteries (100,000), Foundation North (50,000), Grassroots (50,000), Million Dollar Mission (27,668) and donations/loans from club members.

Press release from NZCT http://www.nzct.org.nz/news/new-news-page-6/

As at 25th Feb 2021 the new roof is now on the stadium. In March work will start framing and building the extension.

More information on the Stadium rebuild here

2020 AGM

The 2020 Waitemata Table Tennis AGM was held 3pm Sunday 6th December at the Grandstand Lounge, Trusts Arena (65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson)

At the AGM the following 2020 Annual Report and Accounts were presented.

The Charlie Burridge trophy for regular assistance to the club with day to day running of the Association was awarded to Judy & Maureen Hinton

2021 Committee:

Andrew Palmer (President/Treasurer, Building, Tournaments), Eugene Wong (Secretary, Session Managers), Judy Hinton (Assistant Treasurer), Alfred Dela Pena (Association Coach, Coaching), John Dunn (Stadium Maintenance), Kelsey Amor (Casual hire), Rodney Bygrave (Schools, Selectors), Maureen Hinton (Catering)

2021 Sub-Committees:

  • Session managers Sub-Committee: Eugene Wong, John Dunn, Maureen Hinton, Judy Hinton, Zhanna Boyd, Paul Skiffington, Chip Eade, Val Jones, Graeme Tongs, Dave Alexander, Denise Kent, Keith and Grant Loch

  • Catering Sub-Committee: Maureen Hinton, Judy Hinton, Merle Trenwith, Val Jones

  • Building Sub-Committee: Andrew Palmer, Simon Fenwick, Craig Dye, George Hogan, Nick Harris (Auckland Council)

  • Health & Safety Sub-Committee: Judy Hinton, Maureen Hinton

  • Stadium maintenance Sub-Committee: John Dunn, Paul Skiffington, Paul Burridge, George Hogan

  • Coaching Sub-Committee: Alfred Dela-Pena, Rodney Bygrave, Kelsey Amor, Victor Ma

  • Schools Sub-Committee: Rodney Bygrave, Kelsey Amor, Andrew Palmer, Alfred Dela-Pena, Chip Eade

  • Weekend Casual Hire: Kelsey Amor, Alfred DelaPena, Andrew Palmer

  • Tournaments Sub-Committee: Andrew Palmer, Rodney Bygrave

Other Information:

2019 Annual Report and 2019 AGM Minutes

- Life Membership was awarded to John and Shirley Beveridge, and to Andrew Palmer

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