Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Fairness

The Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Fairness (WTAF) will be held in Patras, Greece on Monday, 8 July 2019 in conjunction with the 46th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP 2019).

The Workshop aims at making the Theoretical Computer Science audience more familiar with several important problems related to fairness, such as cake-cutting, resource allocation, market environments and auctions, or algorithmic fairness in machine learning. Most of these problems exhibit a strong algorithmic aspect but somewhat strangely, the bulk of the research on those topics has been outside the main TCS venues. The aim of the workshop will be to identify and highlight the most important open problems related to fairness and make them easily accessible to researchers in TCS, especially those who are less familiar with this “tangent” line of research in these other venues.


Important dates

  • Submission deadline: 26 April 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: 23 May 2019