Miami Valley

Emergency Department

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH)

MVH ED MAIN CAMPUS (937-208-3876)

Welcome to your rotation in the ED at Miami Valley Hospital! We work very hard on our rotations at “the Valley” but have a lot of fun in the process. We’re excited for you to join us!

Here are some basic expectations for your rotation:

  • You are expected to be on time and ready to see patients at the start of shift. If you are late or unable to work, you must notify the MVH ED (937-208-3876), Dr. Ballester (513-254-3626) and the chief resident (727-542-4550) immediately. The call schedule will be utilized to replace you on shift. Ideally, you will work a shift for the resident that is called in. If that is not possible then you will be assigned an extra shift. The chief resident must approve all schedule changes.
  • Emergency medicine is a days, nights, holidays, and weekends specialty. In order to provide the most comprehensive experience, all residents will work a variety of shifts.
  • Per department policy, all residents work 18 clinical shifts plus a 24 hour call shift. Students work 11 shifts with an EM resident.
  • PGY I residents are expected to manage at least 1 patient per hour, PGY II 1-1.5, and PGY III 1.5-2.
  • Emergency medicine requires balancing multiple patients with multiple problems. Be assertive and seek out sick patients and procedures. This is your opportunity to perfect skills you will use in your career.
  • Teamwork is important in the ED. Work cordially and effectively with support staff and midlevels.
  • You are responsible for having a current badge and EPIC access before the first day of the block.
  • Complete medical records in a timely manner.
  • You must view the orientation video prior to the rotation.
  • DCI (daily check in) is REQUIRED now. It is the responsibility of the night shift resident to do at the END of their shift. On Tuesdays it is the responsibility of the transition shift resident.
    • Instructions:
      • Go to
      • Login with your user ID for epic: and click sign-on
      • On the next screen enter your epic password. If you do NOT know this, call IT help desk and have it reset.
      • Once logged in, click on OneDrive , then on the left side of the page you click on "shared"
      • Then click on DCI which takes you to an excel spreadsheet
      • Complete columns A-G.
      • If you report an issue, you will be contacted by hospital staff if needed.
      • After this is complete please sign the calendar posted on the cupboards in the green station.
  • If you have questions or problems, PLEASE contact the chief resident at any time!

I hope this is an enjoyable and high yield learning experience for you. No matter where you go in the future in your career in medicine, you will interact with the emergency department. Please take this opportunity to learn some of the ins and outs of emergency medicine.

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Mike Wojdan, DO
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