Dayton Children's

Emergency Department

Dayton Children's ED (937) 641 3600

Welcome to your rotation with us at Dayton Children’s! This is the opportunity for you to learn how to care for a variety of pediatric complaints.

When you are scheduled to work with us, we will be happy to have you.

When you are scheduled to rotate with us, you will get an email and must submit this form ( This form will give you a chance to request vacation days, didactics, clinics, and an additional day off.

WSU EM residents will work 18 shifts a month. Pediatric residents will work 16 shifts a month, as they have 2 clinic days.

Sick days: If you are unable to make a shift due to illness, you must call/text the chief and the emergency department. You will be required to make up all missed shifts.

Changes to a final schedule require Chief approval. If you know in advance about an unforeseen scheduling conflict after the final schedule has been set, it is YOUR responsibility to cover the shift. Find someone who is willing and able to cover or trade. Create an agreement with them, and then e-mail the chief. I will notify you both of approval or problems by email or text.

DCH orientation (if never previously rotated at DCH) and EPIC training is mandatory, even if you have used EPIC at MVH/GSH/Grandview. You will be scheduled a time to do this before your first shift; more than likely, it can be accomplished online prior to your first shift. If you don't go, you will be sent home and the shift will be made up at a later date. Please also keep an eye out for emails detailing any other required internet training as put forth by DCH.

Also, most night shifts will be covered by upper level WSU ER residents, except for Monday evenings.

Off- Service Rotations:

Pediatric ICU

Pediatric Anesthesia

Jared Brown, MD
Chief Resident, Dayton Children’s Hospital