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Weisong Sun (孙 伟松)

Ph.D Candidate

iSE Lab

Software Institute, Nanjing University

Email: weisongsun [AT] smail [DOT] nju [DOT] edu [DOT] cn


  • Jul 9, 2022: Our tool paper on Electromagnetic Data Augmentation got accepted to ASE 2022!

  • Jul 6, 2022: Our research paper on Test Case Recommendation got accepted by IST 2022!

  • Jun 29, 2022: Our collaborated paper with Purdue University got accepted to ESEC/FSE 2022!

  • Jun 22, 2022: Our research paper on Test Case Prioritization got accepted by JSS 2022!

  • Dec 3, 2021: Our research paper on Code Search got accepted by ICSE 2022!


  • 09/2017~, Nanjing University, PhD student in software institute under the supervision of Prof. Zhenyu Chen, Prof. Bin Luo, Research Assistant Chunrong Fang

  • 3/2021~03/2022, Purdue University, visiting PhD student in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Xiangyu Zhang, Research Assistant GuanhongTao

  • 09/2017~07/2019, Nanjing University, Master student in software institute under the supervision of Prof. Zhenyu Chen, Associate Prof. Xingya Wang

  • 09/2013~07/2017, Yangzhou University, Bachelor diploma of software engineering under the supervision of Prof. Xiaobin Sun, Class Teacher Yonglong Zhang

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering: Source Code Representation, Program Repair

Software Engineering for Artificial Intelligence: Unfairness Mitigation, Backdoor Attack/Defense

Publications: ( * refers to the corresponding author. ✰ refers to equal contribution.)


  1. [ASE'22-Tool] ElecDaug: Electromagnetic Data Augmentation for Model Repair based on Metamorphic Relation. (CCF-A)
    Jiawei He, Zhida Bao, Quanjun Zhang, Weisong Sun, Jiawei Liu, Chunrong Fang, Yun Lin
    In: The 37th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering-Tool Demonstration Track, October 10-14, 2022, pages to appear, Michigan, USA

  2. [ESEC/FSE'22] RULER: Discriminative and Iterative Adversarial Training for Deep Neural Network Fairness. (CCF-A)

Guanhong Tao , Weisong Sun , Tingxu Han , Chunrong Fang, Xiangyu Zhang

In: The 30th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, November 14-18, 2022, pages to appear, Singapore

  1. [arXiv'22] Program Repair: Automated vs. Manual. Under Review

Quanjun Zhang, Yuan Zhao, Weisong Sun, Chunrong Fang, Ziyuan Wang, Lingming Zhang

In: arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.05166.

  1. [ICSE'22] Code Search based on Context-aware Code Translation. (CCF-A)

Weisong Sun, Chunrong Fang, Yuchen Chen, Guanhong Tao, Tingxu Han, Quanjun Zhang

In: The 44th International Conference on Software Engineering, May 21-29, 2022, pages to appear, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  1. [ASE'20] HomoTR: Online Test Recommendation System Based on Homologous Code Matching (CCF-A)

Chenqian Zhu, Weisong Sun, Qin Liu, Yangyang Yuan, Chunrong Fang, Yong Huang

In: The 35th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Tool demonstration, September 21-25, 2020, pages 1302-1306, Melbourne, Australia

  1. [QRS'20] Early Detection of Smart Ponzi Scheme Contracts Based on Behavior Forest Similarity. (CCF-C

Weisong Sun, Guangyao Xu, Zijiang Yang, Zhenyu Chen

In: The 20th International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security, December 11-14, 2020, pages 279-309, Macau, China

  1. [ICSE-SEET'19] MAF: Method-Anchored Test Fragmentation for Test Code Plagiarism Detection. (CCF-A

Weisong Sun, Xingya Wang, Haoran Wu, Ding Duan, Zesong Sun, Zhenyu Chen

In: The 41th International Conference on Software Engineering, SEET track, May 25-31, 2019, pages 110-120, Montréal, QC, Canada

  1. [SANER'19] Towards Generating Cost-Effective Test-Suite for Ethereum Smart Contract. (CCF-B

Xingya Wang, Haoran Wu, Weisong Sun, Yuan Zhao

In: The 26th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering, Industry track, February 24-27, 2019, pages 594-553, Hangzhou, China

  1. [ICPC'16] WB4SP: A Tool to Build the Word Base for Specific Programs. (CCF-B)

Weisong Sun, Xiaobin Sun, Hui Yang, Bin Li

In: The 24th International Conference on Program Comprehension, Tool demonstration, May 16-17, 2016, pages 1-3, Austin, TX, USA


  1. [IST'22] Test Case Recommendation based on Balanced Distance of Test Targets. (CCF-B, SCI Q2)

Weisong Sun, Quanjun Zhang, Chunrong Fang, Yuchen Chen, Xingya Wang, Ziyuan Wang

In: Information and Software Technology, pages to appear, 2022.

  1. [JSS'22] Test Case Prioritization Using Partial Attention. CCF-B, SCI Q2

Quanjun Zhang, Chunrong Fang, Weisong Sun, Shencheng Yu, Yutao Xu, Yulei Liu

In: Journal of Systems & Software, pages to appear, 2022.

  1. [Computer'19] Software-Testing Contests: Observations and Lessons Learned.

Xiangya Wang, Weisong Sun, Linghuan Hu, Yuan Zhao, W. Eric Wong, Zhenyu Chen

In: Computer, Volume 52, Number 10, pages 61-69, 2019

  1. [JUSTC'17] On Automatic Construction of the Word Base for Historical Program Repository.

Weisong Sun, Xiaobin Sun, Bin Li, Hui Yang

In: Journal of University of Science and Technology of China (Chinese), Volume 47, Number 1, pages 80-86, 2017


Main Honers & Awards

  • 2022: The Program B for Outstanding PhD Candidate of Nanjing University

  • 2021: Yingcai Scholarship

  • 2020: Huawei Scholarship

  • 2019: ICSE Travel Award, ICSE 2019 SEET, May. 2019

  • 2019: Huawei Scholarship

  • 2018: National Scholarship

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