Your refrigerator and freezer work continuously on a 24/7 basis for 365 days a year and, when compared to other electrical appliances, they are one of the most reliable in your house.

However, this means that simple problems are often ignored, simply because it only arises to function correctly. Unfortunately what may arise to be simply cosmetic damage such as a mistake with the door seal can significantly add to your electricity bill over the course of a year. The reason for this is that even an appears that small area of damage to the door seal leads to heat, damp air from the kitchen continuously entering the interior of the cabinet. This air fast condenses and freezes resulting in excessive ice build-up, even in frost-free models. This, in turn, leads to the compressor which creates the cooling effect within the refrigerator running for much longer than normal which increases the running cost. In the long term, it can also lead to immature thermostat and compressor beating due to the extended operation of these critical components.

Splitting and cracking of the door seal are fairly obvious faults to recognize. However, a seal may arise to be in good order when in reality a small gap may be allowing heat and cool air to enter the cabinet. You can check the success of your refrigerator door seal using this simple method.

With the door closed, carefully inspect the whole perimeter of the seal looking for clear cut flat spots gaps between the seal and the metal casing of the apartment. Take a piece of paper the size of a and wedge it between the door seal and the metal face of the cabinet as you close the fridge door.

Damages and splits in a door seal may be clear cut even with the door closed. However, some may not be so visible and you will also need to check the whole of the inside of the edge of the seal closely. With the door open check the whole of the seal around the door by slightly extending the seal with your fingers whilst checking for any damage of fridge within the folds of the seal.

If a problem is found by these simple checks you need to decide if the seal can be replaced as a divide item or not. You can do this with the door open and easing lifting a fairly large section of the door seal in order to view the outer edge of the doors plastic inner lining which is normally covered by the seal. You are looking for hidden screws or similarly removable fixings holding both the inner plastic door liner and seal in position. Check the whole seal in this way. If you find slender then it is likely that a replacement seal will be available as a spare part. The part is not to be available for any reason you can always opt for using a universal door seal kit which should come with its own specific fitting instructions.

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