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Witness The Stars Align

Dr. Laurens van
der Maaten 

Prof. Gérard

Prof. Mikhail

Prof. Leman

Dr. Timnit

Dr. Thomas

The inaugural lecture will be by Prof. Geoffrey E. Hinton, Turing award winner (2018) for his foundational research that laid the foundation of deep learning.
The following visionary plenary speakers of the school continue to inspire researchers across the world. Dr. Diederik P. Kingma (Google Brain), developed the Adam optimizer, and Variational Autoencoders. Prof. Gérard Biau (Sorbonne University), directed key research in Random Forests and learning in Hilbert Spaces. Prof. Mikhail Belkin (UCSD), led the developments of Laplacian Eigenmaps, Graph and Manifold Regularizers, and Spectral Clustering. Dr. Laurens Van Der Maaten (FAIR), created the dimensionality reduction method 't-SNE'.

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Welcome to the 2nd Winter School on Deep Learning

The Winter School on Deep Learning 2023 (WSDL 2023) offers self-motivated students in-depth knowledge and exposure to research in Deep Learning, organized by the Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

The school offers hands-on courses to apply the latest Deep Learning methods to real-world problems. The school also cover the essential concepts of deep learning and the fundamentals of mathematics and programming.

Come join us as we take the journey from Perceptrons to Diffusion Models!



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