Congratulations to everyone who submitted work this round! Attendance was high (and some writers submitted without signing up, so it was even higher), and even after deducting those who were forced to withdraw, WritersOct18 saw more writers submitting work than any other contest: GentleApril17, CruelJan18, and GentleApril18 each had 18 participating writers; GrowthJuly18 had 21 writers submit stories, but WritersOct18 received work from 28 individuals!

Read the stories, take notes on characters you liked and emotional passages, and then evaluate them here. Please do write short answers in your evaluation, even just a few words (the more, the better), to support these hard-working, creative writers who produce the material you enjoy.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are the linked stories with descriptive tags/trigger warnings.